Go ahead. Sing it. Go. Bananas. Go Bananas. Anyway... If five years ago you would have told me that I'd be buying bananas by the bunches each week, I would have told you...well, I would have told you that you were bananas. You see, I've never been a banana fan. Ever. I mean why eat…

Just Me Rambling (Again)

August 30th. The date of my last post. My excuse? I'm a teacher and it's September. My motivation today? 113 on demand narrative writing pre-assessments. Now don't get me wrong. I actually enjoy correcting pre-assessments. Especially the narratives my students write at the beginning of the year. Not only do I get a snapshot of where they are…

One for the Books

A friend of mine recently requested a "good first book" for someone thinking about becoming vegetarian/vegan. Well, that got me more than a little bit excited. I couldn't wait to get home and start browsing through my collection. (And for those of you who have no desire to cross over to the dark (vegan) side, no…

And Then There Was Kale

I eat a lot of kale. Fresh. Frozen. On my Portobella Burger. In my Flat Bread. In my Tofu Scramble. Topped with "Crack" Sauce. Steamed. With nutritional yeast and liquid aminos. Sometimes it finds its way into my Overnight Oats. Or in my bowl. Sometimes it even finds its way into my "shakes". But last Sunday, I wasn't feeling…

I’ve Resolved to Not Resolute (or something like that)

After reading a friend’s tweet regarding New Year’s resolutions, I looked back at what I had written a year ago. Guess what? I have not grown AT ALL. So, for those of you who missed it the first time, here it is again! Happy New Year!

2write 4health

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions.

They actually make me feel quite uncomfortable. Agitated even. And I’m not even talking about making my own resolutions. (Not that I’ve made any, mind you.) It’s actually hearing(reading) about other people’s resolutions that make me uncomfortable. So much so, that I haven’t even been able to write about the topic until today. It’s gotten me that hot and bothered.

I have been thinking about them an awful lot though.

I mean, how could I not? They are everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, magazines, BLOGS, the teachers’ lounge.

For most, resolutions create feelings of failure. While approximately 40% of Americans make resolutions, as few as 8% of resolutions are attained. (This, according to University of Scranton study.) The study also reveals that while 75% of those who make resolutions are able to make it through the first week, less than half make it through a half…

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