My Favorite 5: February Edition

Just sharing some of the things I've been reading, using, eating, and or enjoying this month! Happy to report snow shovels didn't make the list!

4,500 Miles of Windshield Time and We’re Still (Happily) Married

Road trips should be a part of premarital counseling. Honestly. I mean can you think of any better way to test compatibility? After almost 29 years, I can honestly say there is no one I'd rather travel with. We keep each other entertained. And there is always Sirius Road Trip Radio to pass the miles.…

6 Things Southwest Georgia Has in Abundance and 3 Things It Does Not

In the Category My Cup Overflows: BBQ Restaurants Ev-e-ry-where you look. We live, where I consider to be, out in the Boonies, yet you will find Tommy's Smokehouse Barbecue just a hop, skip and jump down the road (less than 2 miles as the crow flies) in the quaint unincorporated town of Ellerslie. And Country's…

Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Tacos

My niece introduced me to bartaco a few months back. Since then it has become an obsession. Unfortunately, the closest bartaco is over 80 miles away. Fortunately, I have become adventurous in my cooking and decided to throw something together. I am most impressed with my results. Now to perfect my margarita making skills.