It’s Time for Moving On


It’s time. (Actually past time, given the date of my last post.)

But as Chaucer proverbed, “All mediocre things must come to an end.”

Or something like that anyway.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

…about social media.

…about people who have opinions and about people who have opinions and share them on social media.

…about knowledgeable people…about ignorant people.

…about people who unite us…and about people who divide us.

…about people who would rather be right than know truth.

And I’ve been thinking about myself and my role in it all.

My first post was in May of 2014.

I remember the fear (yes, fear) I felt when hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

What had I done?!

(Turns out, not much. Not a lot of followers back in the day.)

Throughout the years, I’ve written some things I am proud of.

And I’ve written some things that I now find absolutely cringeworthy. (Tempted to dig through my archives now, aren’t you?)

Regardless, I’ve grown an awful lot.

And isn’t that what life is about?

Growing? Changing? Learning?

I love to write.

I actually love the whole process of writing. (Okay, maybe not love, but appreciate it, challenges and all.)

But my heart is telling me it’s time to move on. And my head is agreeing.

I need a fresh start. A new direction.

So while, I’m putting 2 write 4 health to rest, I’m starting fresh at Karen Hovie Writes.

I hope you’ll stop by. I’d love to get to know you.

One thought on “It’s Time for Moving On

  1. I LOVE it when Karen Hovie writes!!! šŸ™‚ Please keep writing!!! šŸ™‚ I also love 2Write4Health … even if you don’t add more to it, I love going back and using your recipes … and I go back and read some of your archived posts.


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