It’s Been a While

February 19th, 2020.

My last post.

A lifetime ago.

On February 27th, the hubby and I drove to Wisconsin.

With the puppy.

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And of course, by ‘puppy’, I mean our 79#, 8 year old Golden.

(She’s kinda big to smuggle on an airplane.)

This trip, we stayed in a delightful little KOA deluxe cabin just south of Louisville.

(Oh the joys of finding a pet friendly place to stay during our travels.)

We arrived in Wisconsin early the next afternoon and spent the weekend with our youngest, Alli, and her fiance, Logan.

On Sunday, Reed traveled to Dallas from Appleton for a 2 week training class.

I stayed and spent time with friends and family (this was way back in the day… you know, before social distancing was even a thing).

It was a busy, wonderful week.

Lots of catching up.

Coffee dates.

Dinner dates.

Wine dates.

Lots of hugs.

Lots of laughs.

Not lots of pictures.

Got my hair done (I know, I know…it’s hard to believe this isn’t natural).

Got my toes done (because I don’t have to explain my ugly runner’s toenails to Katie, because she has been making my toes look pretty for lots and lots of years).

I then joined Reed in Dallas for a week of hotel living and restaurant eating. Alli and ‘her’ Logan (versus ‘our’ Logan) puppy sat for us.

We flew back to Wisconsin on Friday the 13th so we could spend more time with family and friends (and of course retrieve Quinn) before heading back to Georgia the following Monday morning.

As we left Dallas, murmurings of the pandemic were beginning to set in. Dallas had just instituted a ban on public gatherings of greater than 500 people.

We were quite anxious to leave.

At the airport, we checked ourselves in and deposited our bags, before walking right up to the TSA agent.

No line.




The airport seemed quieter than usual, but people seemed ‘normal’. (Although the smell of hand sanitizer permeated the air, and people distanced themselves from others, and I did notice a few stink eyes being given to people who coughed.)

We flew back on a 787 Dreamliner (very fancy plane, very ordinary snacks).

Plenty of empty seats.

We shed more than a few tears watching A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. (And by we, I mean we. Reed’s a softy.)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2099.jpg

Back in Appleton, we spent the weekend working on Alli and ‘her’ Logan’s home improvement projects.

Reed lives for these kind of things.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 60582601323__dea8cfca-b4cf-4f68-8f39-da1aeeb27634.jpg

And this is about the time life began feeling…different.

Kinda like when you know a snowstorm is coming, but you’re not a teacher or a student, so it really was more of a feeling of dread.

Anxious to get home, we were on the road by 4:20 Monday morning, despite the fact our alarm wasn’t set to go off until 5:00. Neither one of us could sleep.

Traffic was light…even around Chicago and Atlanta.

Meals were eaten in the vehicle, as restaurants only offered drive thru service.

By early evening we were pulling into the driveway. Didn’t even need to find pet friendly lodging.

The next day, ‘our’ Logan and his GF Sarah arrived from Boston.

They needed a ‘quiet environment’ to finish up their semesters of school, and their roommate and their roommate’s BF talk a lot are very social. (Probably should mention their roommate is our oldest daughter.)

They drove pretty much nonstop, only pulling over to catch a few hours of sleep in the Davidson College athletics parking lot.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 60636114446__ce39c8b9-4299-45ce-a80c-9f12d3885762.jpg

Yep. Wine for Reed and I (ignore his ice cube) and herbal tea for the kids.

Hard to believe that was only a little over two and a half weeks ago.

At times, I can hardly believe the reality we are living in.

In some ways (actually most ways),  I am so appreciative.

I am fortunate my life hasn’t changed as significantly as others.  Oh, I still struggle to find TP like the rest of you, but my day to day looks a lot the same. I didn’t have a job that I needed to figure out how to do from home. We are not lacking food (although I am a bit troubled by the lack of tofu…yes, tofu…in the stores).  We still get out to run and walk the dog. We watch church online.

And the fact that the weather has been absolutely beautiful makes everything even more surreal.

I am merely inconvenienced.

My biggest changes are that now I have a husband who works mostly from home, and two adult children living with us and doing the school thing from home. (Meaning we now have ‘quiet hours’ at our house.)

My heart goes out to those of you who have been infected by the COVID-19 virus or have a loved one who has. My heart goes out to those with underlying medical  conditions that put them at higher risk. My heart goes out to the extroverts and those who live alone. My heart goes out to those in healthcare professions who are out there risking their own health.

Take care, my friends. I’m keeping you all in my prayers.

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