My Favorite 5: February Edition

Goodbye Valentine’s Day.

It’s time for bunnies and tulips.

Somebody at my house must have been having a little bunny envy. (No worries, it wasn’t Reed.)

Reed and I have been having loads of fun. Spent last week putting in sod.

Lots and lots of sod.

Over 1,000 square feet of sod.

Apparently, in the south, it’s cheaper to throw down a bunch of pine straw and call it landscaping, than to put in grass.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if there were pine trees involved. But there aren’t. Just pine straw in open areas.

Personally, I’d rather mow that weed.

In honor of the sod, and with hope that it grows (so we don’t have to roll it up and place it curbside), I am trying ever-so-hard to be grateful for all the rain we’ve been getting.

Key word?


At any rate, here are some of the things I have been loving so far this month. (Husband and puppy not included in this month’s roundup, but please know they are always in my top 5. Kids too. At least most of the time.)

Reusable Bags

I am really good at using cloth bags when grocery shopping. Each vehicle has its own collection, so I can’t ‘forget’. I can, of course, forget to bring them into the store, but that’s easily remedied.

What I haven’t been so good at is using reusable bags for produce. This has been bothering me for quite a while, so a few weeks ago I finally ordered these reusable mesh bags from Ecowaare.

15 bags for $15 seemed more than reasonable.

And the feeling I have when I finish putting groceries away and don’t have any plastic bags?

Pretty darn good.

And the fact I don’t have to struggle for 15 minutes trying to open each produce bag?



Still going strong on my goal of reading 100 books this year.

Before reading the above book, I had read The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

All 784 pages of it.

It was well written, but I really needed a ‘pick-me-up, make-me-feel-good’ follow up book.

‘Cuz it was kinda dark. And depressing. And soul sucking.

But well written.

If you have not read have a little faith, I highly recommend you do.

It provided a refreshing perspective.

It gave me hope that even though we have differences, we really can get along peacefully.

And like any good book, it made me cry.

Ugly cry.

Which always prompts my husband to ask why I read books like that.


Traded Wisconsin’s cheese for Georgia’s pecans.

Not a bad trade, given the fact I don’t eat cheese.

And I don’t want to sound snobbish, but…if you haven’t had fresh pecans you’re missing out. Big time.

We’ve been buying the fancy shelled pecans for baking. (Like my Maple Pecan Scones). And buying the cracked pecans for munching. I hate to admit how many we go through each month. Good thing removing them from the shell slows us down a bit.

Sumo Oranges

Best. Orange. Ever.

You can’t imagine how excited I was when these appeared in the grocery store. (Unless, of course, you are the people from Auburn who drove 45 minutes to buy some. Then you understand. You get me.)

Bible App

I strive to be a better person.

I do.


But no matter what area of my life I am trying to improve upon, there is a myriad of experts eager to offer their advice and they never seem to agree.

And that is why this app is my go to:

My latest plan is Caring Enough to Confront by David Augsburger.

I kinda suck at dealing with conflict. I avoid it like the plague, actually.

But I know that’s not healthy. It’ an area for ‘improvement’.

This study has helped me understand how honesty and confrontation are crucial in creating relationships (my #oneword…just in case you were wondering if I had forgotten about it).

Confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing. Confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing. Confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing. Confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing. Confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing.

(I did that on purpose. You know, repeat as necessary.)

But (there’s always a but) it needs to come from a place of love and respect.

I’ve really thought about the importance of confrontation as it relates to searching for truth.

I’ve thought about how I typically respond to conflict and why I respond that way.

And I’ve thought about how I’ve been caught in the cycle of viewing praise as acceptance and criticism as rejection.

So. Much. Thinking.

And all this in a 7 day plan.

But enough about me. What are your great February discoveries? I’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite 5: February Edition

  1. I think I need to read the book Caring Enough to Confront. It might help me better word my replies when I post online. :). As I said before, I can’t be the bystander … I can’t expect more from 11-year-olds than I expect of myself as an adult. :).


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