My One Word for 2020

Well, the house is quiet.

Just Quinn and I this morning.

Last Thursday, I drove Kristin and her BF, and Alli and her fiance (that just happened!) to Atlanta to catch their flights.

Then on Tuesday morning, I drove our son, Logan, and his girlfriend of almost seven years, to the Columbus airport.

So we went from eight, to four, to two. (Three with the dog. Can’t forget about her.)

I managed to keep my composure until the hugging part of the last goodbye. I choked out a ‘love you both’ before sliding my sunglasses into place and hurrying out the automatic door.

On the way home, Quinn and I stopped for a walk on the trail in an attempt to pull ourselves back together. (Quinn was sad too.)

It helped.

A little.

The house was uncomfortably still when I got home.

No physical trace of any children; just memories.

Happy memories.

It always takes me a little time to ‘readjust’ after spending quality time with the fam.

I know that.

I’ve accepted it.

Embrace the pain. I realize just how fortunate I am that our time together leaves me feeling this way.

At any rate, it’s time to look forward.

A few days ago, a sweet friend messaged me inquiring if I had chosen my one word for 2020.

Truthfully, I hadn’t, but I had been thinking about it.

Not one for making resolutions, (you can read about my bad attitude here), there was something about choosing a word for the year that I liked.

Maybe it was because it was more about process than an end goal.

And I must say, my one word for 2019 taught me well.

Fortunate to have a talented friend who created this reminder for me!

It taught me to truly appreciate the journey, rather than focusing on the outcome. (And while I’ve always known that on an intellectual level, it becomes real when lived.) Turns out all outcomes can serve as valuable learning opportunities.

I knew that, too. But now I feel it.

It taught me the importance of authenticity in taking any action. ‘I should’ truly needed to be $hit canned.

And it taught me actions do not need to be huge. Often times, differences can be made in the little, everyday things. The song Dream Small by Josh Wilson encouraged me. If I was thinking something positive about someone, I told them. If I felt somebody needed a bit of encouragement, I gave it. But it was always real.

And it should have opened my eyes to taking risks. But I didn’t embrace this aspect.

But enough of that. That was so 2019.

I am ready for 2020!

And I am ready for a new word.

I think one mistake people make when coming up with their one word is trying to make it a self description of who they already are.

Something that comes naturally.

I believe your one word should be about change.

A word that encourages personal growth and encourages exploration.

I don’t know about you, but when 2021 rolls around, I want to be a better version of my already wonderful self.

And that won’t happen unless my word challenges me.

I keep coming back to this one word:


My introverted self keeps trying to ignore this word (makes my heart race a bit), but it keeps popping back into my head.

My introverted self is quite content to spend time inside my own head.

But…my introverted self also realizes the importance of relationships.

The importance of forming meaningful connections.

With family.

With friends.

With God.

So there.

My one word for 2020.

What one word are you thinking about this year? I’d love to hear all about it!

Share it with me and I’d be happy to pray for you and your word. (If that’s your thing.)

6 thoughts on “My One Word for 2020

  1. I am late! I wanted to tell you that you chose a good word. Relationships are tough. I read something the other day that said that because of the Internet, etc. people are going more shallow than deep when it comes to relationships. They have lots of contacts but no intimate friends. It’s pause for thought. You did just have a house full of people you love though so that is a great start!

    I don’t normally choose words, etc. but I like the idea well enough to pick two. Is that OK? My two are: reality and humility. I figure if I can keep those two words at the forefront maybe I won’t be too far off.

    Good luck and I know you will make that word happen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Libby,

      You always provide a fresh perspective for me, and for that I am forever grateful. I wish we lived closer and could discuss life over a cup of coffee!

      And 2 words? Heck yeah. I must say I am intrigued by your choices. Sounds like you have a story to tell.

      Take care, my friend!


      1. Well, if we were neighbors, I’d be happy to share! Actually, I’d be happy to share even though we are not neighbors! Should I send some your way?


      2. I don’t know if my first response went through! If you run across a book that you think I might like, just email me. I do a fair amount of book buying and I can usually find stuff at my library too. As much as I want to support the post office things could get pricey!

        Liked by 1 person

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