Reflections, Rants, Recollections and Recipes

Happy New Year! I hope your start to 2020 has been all that you wanted it to be.

We’ve been on the go since the Monday before Thanksgiving, spending the first few days of Thanksgiving week in Savannah.

We drove home for to celebrate Thanksgiving all by our lonesome, before returning to Savannah for ten days (this time with the dog). We drove home and then flew up to Wisconsin for a long weekend when Alli, our youngest graduated.

We then flew back home for five days before driving back to Wisconsin (this time with the dog) for Christmas, returning just in time to pick up all of our kids (and their significant others) at the airport last Saturday.

Four of the six headed home yesterday; our son and his GF still remain.

Despite all of this busyness, I’ve been doing an awful lot of thinking about this blog.

I’ve been thinking about how this little pastime has afforded me opportunities to feel like I am somehow contributing to the greater good of this world.

Like I am somehow doing something meaningful with my life. (You know, like I’m doing something that matters.)

And on a somewhat completely selfish level, something that allows me to use my brain, so it doesn’t completely turn to mush.

Yet something hasn’t been feeling ‘right’.

Fortunately, I’ve chosen to be reflective instead of impulsive.

Want to know what I’ve come up with?

My discontent is more than just desiring a fresh start or craving change.

It’s more about recognizing I’m not the same person today as I was when I started this blog almost 6 years ago. (Thank goodness and amen.)

And I want this blog to reflect that change.

I’ve studied my blog’s stats and insights ad nauseam and have tried to discern your wants, needs, and desires. Unfortunately, you people were all over the place.

(In other words,





While in Savannah, I spent a few days hanging out in a fancy customer lounge (just like a teachers’ lounge, except nothing like it at all).

No housework. No yard work. Just me work.

I focused on:

  • the blog’s niche
  • how to set it apart from others
  • the name

What I’ve decided is, my niche is more of a lifestyle blog. It’s the best way to avoid commitment. It’s permission to write whatever happens to be flit-floating through my little mind on any given day.

It’s permission to be authentic.


Which, in theory, should make it a whole lot easier to write with greater consistency.

Lucky you.

What’s going to set me apart from others is just me being me.

Sometimes serious. Sometimes sarcastic. Sometimes sharing a recipe. Sometimes just honing my writing skills and pretending to be a writer.

I want to make you laugh. And cry. And if I’m really on my game, I want to make you think.

Then there’s the whole name thing I have been struggling with.


Wasn’t loving it.

More specifically, wasn’t loving the word health. Not really digging the connotation. It’s kinda become a naughty word for me.

So I spent a ridiculous amount of time brainstorming new names. And studying how to change my URL without breaking the link to my old address. And then discovering the domain names I had thought about weren’t available.

As I was hashing all this out with my oldest, she wisely pointed out, ‘health’ encompasses a whole lot more than ‘health’.


Kinda wish I could have come to that conclusion myself.

But I didn’t.

So the name is staying…but I have added a new tagline:

reflections, rants, recollections, and recipes

Let me know what you think!

(It makes me happy when I get a little feedback.)

10 thoughts on “Reflections, Rants, Recollections and Recipes

  1. I always love reading your blog and your thoughts. I sit and nod my head and think, “Amen, sista!” because your views are always so thought-provoking and spot-on. And, of course, I love your recipes. So do my kids. Chia seed donuts and chia seed oatmeal are favorites. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family! Miss you!


    1. Haha! I can just hear your voice!

      Thank you for the recipe feedback. I have a couple of dishes I am currently working on (quiche anyone?).

      Miss you, too. Hope all is well in the ‘nah! (Quinnie sends her love as well.)


  2. Karen,

    I always wish that we were neighbors. Good thing you travel so much because if we were neighbors you would get sick of me coming over!

    I like the tagline. It suits. For the record, I have been blogging since 2007 and have changed directions several times. As I learn things about myself and as I have changed creatively, I have wanted the blog to reflect that. We aren’t static creatures. I tune in to your blog because I can relate to what you say and how you write. The content appeals to me too of course but it’s because we have some surface things in common that I like to read your posts. I am only human and if I perceived that you were radically different from me I likely would stop reading.

    So there. I loved seeing the pictures of your family, thank you. It’s heartening to see people together having a good time.

    Happy New Year too you!


    1. Neighbors! That would actually be quite lovely. I certainly could use a friend like you nearby!

      Libby, I truly appreciate your insights. You have a special talent for offering encouragement while simultaneously challenging me. That’s quite the combination. Hope you are doing well, my friend. I am loving your hiking pictures!


  3. Love the illiteration of reflections, rants, recollections, and recipes. Best of all it allows for flexibility in your writing topics. It makes the blog fun like opening a package not exactly knowing what’s inside. Maybe it will shake us up a bit every now and then.


    1. It is a great city, isn’t it? Kinda makes me feel like I am back in time. I love all the little parks nestled within the city. And the riverfront is so beautiful! Hope you are doing well, Sue!


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