Thursday’s Thoughts: November 14th, 2019

October marked the one year anniversary of living in our new home.

We’ve accomplished a lot, but there are still many projects left to tackle.

We spent last winter working outside in our ‘woods’, unwrapping and pulling down vines from trees, removing underbrush and fallen trees, and cutting down ‘less desirable’ trees (with the hope nearby trees would better thrive). I can’t tell you how many trips we made to the Harris County landfill. And then of course, there was the March tornado which uprooted or snapped off a dozen or so more trees, meaning we had more cleanup to do.

(On the bright side, Reed was super excited to buy a chainsaw and rent a stump grinder. (More fun filled weekends! Seriously. He had the time of his life.)

We’ve also been enjoying furnishing and decorating our home.

An area lower on the priority list was our breakfast nook. It was the perfect place for the Christmas tree last year.

But as we took down the tree last January, the space has looked a bit blah (blah as in empty) since then. It has, however, been very easy to clean.

We weren’t sure how we wanted to use the space, as we really didn’t need another place to eat. The dining room served us well when we had company and the kitchen island was perfect for eating messy meals.

(Probably wondering where we eat the rest of the time, aren’t you?)

At any rate, we decided the space would make a perfect sitting area/reading nook, so we began looking for a rug and chairs.

This past summer, we finally found an area rug at a local family owned furniture store. The store was going out of business and we (and by we, I mean Reed) waited patiently to see how cheap discounted the rug would get. (I waited very impatiently.)

On the final weekend, we stopped by to see if the rug was still there. It was! (And 75% off, in case you’re wondering).

We are now waiting for our chairs to be delivered.

Hey. If you’re still reading this, thanks. You’re probably really hoping there is some point to this post.

Well, remember when I said it was our one year anniversary? (You really should, it wasn’t that many words ago.) This past week has been warranty work week at our house…a solid week of plumbers, plasterers, painters, and finish workers going in and out.

All. Day. Long.

(Very anxiety inducing for an introvert like myself.)

At any rate, on Tuesday, as I was walking a couple of the workers to the door, I noticed some RED CLAY on the floor.

After closing the door, I saw this:

I followed the footprints all around the house.

And yes, there were even footprints on our new rug.

I struggle to find the words to adequately explain my thoughts at this point. I was partly “you’ve got to be kidding” and partly “how am I ever going to clean this”, and then there was a whole lot of thoughts I shouldn’t put in print.

I called the hubby and asked if he had any advice on how to remove red clay from places red clay should not be. (And I tried really hard not to be facetious. Okay, maybe not really hard. Maybe a little hard. Or maybe I didn’t try hard at all.)

After sending the above pictures, he told me not to touch a thing.

All the while I’m washing the floors (so much for not touching a thing…removing wet clay from the rugs and carpet was beyond my pay grade, but I have ample confidence in my mopping ability), I’m asking myself, “Where is the ‘good’ in this” and “What lesson does God have for me?”

Didn’t come up with a thing then, but today time has provided a new ‘perspective’.

While it was frustrating, I know it could have been a lot worse. I mean, we are just talking carpets and rugs here.There was no loss of life. Nobody was injured.

But what strikes me most is this: our builder took complete ownership. He didn’t point fingers. He didn’t make excuses. He apologized and took action to make it right. And as soon as he realized it was going to take more than his cleaning person with a mop and pail, he called professional carpet cleaners who were at the door within hours.

What am I feeling now?




Despite this not being the scenario I imagined to witness people doing the right thing and taking responsibility, I believe God wanted me to know He heard me. And He wanted to reinforce what a positive difference it can make when people do so.

Kinda wondering what He has in store for me so I can demonstrate my understanding.

6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: November 14th, 2019

  1. Karen,

    One of my mom’s favorite sayings (she was a disgruntled and lapsed Catholic) was “Oh ye of little faith.” It’s true. I have a very hard time letting things unfold; allowing people the time to perform and do what is right. I want to engineer the outcome, making people do what they should do (what they are going to do anyway) but on my time. The truth is that things do unfold in their own time, people mostly do the right thing and the situation resolves itself, often without your interference.

    I love your writing, keep at it. And for the record, I would have started cleaning those rugs too. And become overwhelmed and called that company feeling pissed off and they would have fixed things anyway and I would have been mad for nothing. It’s how my life goes!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love your replies, Libby! You always make me think a little bit deeper and I truly value your honesty. Thank you.

      We seem to be so much alike. I really hope that someday I can meet you in person! Take care, my friend!


  2. Ooooh, I can just imagine what unpleasant things you had to say when you discovered the clay…but the good thing is, someone was willing to take responsibility and do something about it, which is lucky and yes, hopefully will make next time (if there ever is a next time, which we always hope not) a better experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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