Thursday’s Thoughts: October 31st, 2019

This is Quinn:

Isn’t she precious?!

I mean, really. Just look at her.

Best. Dog. Ever.

Of course, I may be a bit biased.

(You know, my view may be slanted. I see the good; I overlook or ignore the not-so-good.)

For example, she’s a snuggler,

but she’s not so good at listening. (Unless a treat is involved.)

She’s protective of her stuffed animals,

but she doesn’t make a good watch dog.

She is well behaved on long car rides,

but isn’t very good at playing catch. (She much prefers to watch me retrieve the ball.)

I guess my bias isn’t really such a big deal when we’re talking about dogs.

But in other areas of my life, it is.

I’m not necessarily proud of this, but…

I have health biases.

And religious biases.

I have biases when it comes to politics.

And I consider myself pretty normal. Average. Ordinary.

Most of you probably think yourself normal as well. And for the sake of making my point, I’ll even agree with you on this.

Despite the fact we are both fairly normal, I’m willing to bet we don’t agree on everything there is to take a side on in this world.

So there you have it. We each have our own version of the truth. And I think am right, while you think you are. And we each think the other person is wrong.

Unfortunately, this mindset is creating rifts.

And we are not handling this well.

Not well at all.

Watching the news, reading the paper, scrolling through social media, and even our attendance at social events is providing us with excellent examples of all the ways we should not be treating each other.

I am beyond frustrated by so many of our nations’ leaders. (And for the record, I am talking about all leaders…business leaders, sport leaders, educational leaders, religious leaders, and yes…political leaders.)

What are we teaching our children?

It’s okay to lie and manipulate information?

It’s okay to name call?

It’s okay to slander?

It’s okay to cheat?

It’s okay to ignore accountability?

It’s okay to follow the crowd?

It’s okay to blame others?

Personally, I want leaders who conduct themselves with integrity and humility. I want them to make me think, not make me angry or defensive. I want them to build unity, not create feelings of hate.

And I really want them to be truth seeking. Even when it means they are wrong.

I’m okay if they make mistakes along the way.

But I need them to own up to their mistakes.

And yes, I realize…

If those are my expectations of others, shouldn’t I be modeling those behaviors myself? Even if I am not a leader?

Shouldn’t I be truth seeking?

Instead of relying on media sources that align with my personal biases (you know, the ones that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and confirm I AM RIGHT), shouldn’t I use neutral, unbiased sources of information? (I found news media bias ratings charts interesting. Google it.)

Following partisan sources fuels hatred and suffocates empathy.

We ignore the importance of knowing someone’s story and we make assumptions based on labels.

Lately, I’ve really been irritated (putting it mildly) by people making negative statements without any supporting facts about anyone who doesn’t share their beliefs.

I mean really?

Do we really think we are going to make people see ‘our the light’ by insulting them or by calling them names or passing along false information?

Want to know what else irritates me?

Religious leaders making statements condemning a specific political party to Hell.

What a divine way to build the Church.

Personally, I don’t believe God cares if you are a Republican or a Democrat. (And as much as it hurts to admit this, He probably doesn’t even care if you are a Green Bay Packers fan.)

But what I do know is God cares about our character.

And I do know He cares about how we treat each other.

So here’s where I am going with this:

Hate actions, but don’t hate people.

Hold people accountable, but do so in a non-confrontational way supported with facts and not opinions.

Pray for people and love them…

the way God instructed us to.

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.

Everything we see is perspective, not the truth.

Marcus Aurelius
(maybe…doesn’t matter as much who said it, just know it wasn’t me.)

4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: October 31st, 2019

  1. but what about those of us who don’t hold your belief in God? perhaps believe more in spirits inhabiting every thing in the planet? or don’t agree that God should be blindly followed? or that there is just one God in what ever form he takes? or that God(s) is a valid concept?

    what about those people? in a post about being inclusive you seem to be leaving them out.

    just a thought I’m tossing out.


    1. Hi Jacquie,

      I appreciate your comment. Your questions have pushed me and made me uncomfortable. A good thing, but a difficult thing.

      What troubled me most was your statement that my post was about being inclusive and that I was leaving out people who didn’t share my beliefs about God.

      That was not my intent.

      My point was that we should treat others with respect despite our differences. As humans, we are not going to agree with each other on everything. I used my faith because it is what I know. And for those who do share my faith, it’s indisputable as to how we should treat others, as it’s written in black and white. I struggle with the hypocrisy I sometimes see. That was the motivation for my post.

      I understand not everybody shares my beliefs. People find spirituality (not confined by religion) in other ways. But for them, I don’t know how this translates into respecting other people. I would love to believe that this is where we find unity despite our differences, but in today’s world, I can’t even be sure of that.

      Again, thank you for pushing me further. I do respect your views and am grateful for your comment. You have made me a more thoughtful person.


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