Not Quite the Weekend I Had Envisioned

Last weekend was supposed to be (that’s your spoiler alert right there) race weekend.

Alli (my baby) and I had registered months ago, airline tickets had been purchased, and training was complete.

Unfortunately, (spoiler alert #2) life does not always go as planned.

For starters, the day before heading back to Wisconsin, my uncle passed away. I really wanted to be there to honor his life at his funeral on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, our return tickets were for Sunday evening.

Fortunately, my wonderfully thoughtful and persistent husband got on the phone with the lovely people at Delta to find out what it would take to switch my return date. The first representative did not provide much hope ($1500!), but after being put on hold several times, and talking to a few more people, it was a done deal for only $20 more (with “two exceptions”…whatever that means).

At any rate, by noon on Friday we were on our way to Atlanta.

(After removing a very disappointed Quinn from the car.)

Our travel experience was uneventful. And I mention this only because it rarely is.

We arrived in Appleton, on time, and with all of our luggage.

First stop- my mom’s to drop off our luggage and to pick up my mom and a good friend of mine (Alli’s godmother).

Second stop-Taco John’s to satisfy my craving for a bean burrito stuffed with potato oles and house salsa.

Third stop-The Health and Wellness Expo to pick up our race packets.

Reed was registered for the 5K Saturday morning, and Alli and I the 1/2 marathon on Sunday.

Saturday morning was beautiful, although a bit toasty by mid-September Wisconsin standards.

Here’s the hubby about ready to cross the finish line.

Looking good!

We spent the rest of the day touring ***Alli’s BF Logan’s place of employment (I didn’t even have enough background knowledge to ask an intelligent question), watching the Badger game (a win) and doing a little shopping (basically killing time until Alli returned from a volleyball tournament).

***We have two Logans, so we differentiate. Alli’s Logan vs. Our Logan.

Now, you should probably know I had been dreaming of my pre-race meal for almost as long as I had been training for the race.

My idea of carbo loading?

Vegan Pho at Basil Cafe.

There’s oodles of noodles under there, btw.

We had an enjoyable dinner with Alli, her Logan, their friend Anton, my mom, and Sharon (Alli’s godmother).

After setting the alarm for 5:15 AM (double checked that), I looked at the weather forecast one last time, and crawled into bed dreaming of running 13.1 miles in the rain.

I’ve run in worse.

We picked up Alli and BF Logan at 6 AM, and drove to the start, admiring the bright flashes of light illuminating the sky.

Yeah. I really didn’t have much hope for the race at this point. Common sense told me it just wasn’t going to happen.

And it didn’t.

Sitting in a parking lot, we received notification that the event had been cancelled.

And understandably so.

I was disappointed…but not so much for myself…more so for Alli, as it was her first half marathon.

After dropping Alli and Logan off, we headed back to my mom’s to get ready for church.

Shortly after, Alli texted me.


She had found another half marathon to run. And it just so happened to be when Reed and I would be back in town.

Not sure how this will all work out, as I’ll be getting into Appleton around midnight and the race is the next morning. And I’m not sure how to extend my training after tapering the last two weeks. (And if you have advice, don’t tell me. It’s too late now.)

But hey! I’m just excited that I will get to run with her!

At any rate, I was able to spend a few more days with family and attend my uncle’s funeral on Tuesday.

It was great to see my cousins and their families despite the solemness of the occasion.

The funeral was what funerals are. Sad. It’s so hard to watch others grieving.

My uncle’s granddaughters reflected upon his life (10 Things We Learned from our Grandpa) before the Mass.

Not a dry eye in the church after that.

Here I am with my oldest sister, my brother, and my mom.

By Tuesday night, I was back home, grateful for the time spent with family, even though it was not the weekend I had envisioned.

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