Social Media: The Best Place to Complain

The hubby and I began our Saturday morning by going for a long(er) run on The Fall Line Trace Trail.

We got an early start before the temps became unbearable, and brought Quinn along, so she could get a little fresh air and exercise before we deserted her for the day.

Afterwards, we debated heading over to our favorite smoothie bar, but decided to head home, so we could get ready for a day of boating.

Instead, Reed suggested we stop by Starbucks on our way tour of town. He most certainly didn’t have to twist my arm on that one.

By 9:30, we were heading on our way to Lake Martin and I was using my Starbucks app on my phone to order breakfast.

Notice the item circled in red?

Kinda hard to miss.

That’s what I ordered.

But that’s not what I received. I opened the bag to find my oatmeal (thank goodness), blueberries (win), 2 packets of agave (nope), and a fruit, nut and seed packet (absolutely not).

Not the first time this has happened.

I complained to my husband, who suggested I run in and get my packets of nuts.

Unfortunately, that required more effort than I felt like giving (long run and all).

Besides, why solve a problem when it’s so much easier to just complain?

We continued on our way.

Reed driving. Me whining.

I was tempted to tweet this:

Hey @starbucks! You know I love you, BUT…what’s it going to take to get my mobile order correct? Every time I order oatmeal, I ask for 2 nut medleys, but you keep giving me fruit, nut & seed medley and agave. #idontlikedriedfruitinmyoatmeal

But I didn’t.

Because 1.) I knew that wouldn’t solve the problem and 2.) I knew it wasn’t very nice.

You know what would have solved my problem and been respectful?

Walking into Starbucks and politely asking for 2 packets of nuts, that’s what.

I’m sure I’m not the only one bothered by all the negativity on social media.

Unfortunately, it’s provided us with not only a platform, but the temptation to complain about all the wrongs in the world in an all too public way. (Like not getting your packet of nuts with your oatmeal, for example.)

We no longer address situations directly, and privately.

We just want to make ourselves feel better in the present. Let off some steam.

But does shaming or embarrassing others bring about desired results?

It might.

But it comes at a cost.

Think about it this way…remember back to your school days. If a teacher called you out in front of your peers for making a mistake or misbehaving, how would you react?

How would it affect your relationship with the teacher?

Or how about after you got home and told your parents? What would it do to the relationship between your parents and the teacher?

It becomes a little more complicated now.

While It’s our responsibility to hold others accountable for their actions and behaviors, it needs to come from a place of love and respect.

And broadcasting it all over social media isn’t coming from a place of love.

And chances are, it’s not going to make the situation better.

8 thoughts on “Social Media: The Best Place to Complain

  1. Karen,

    I am so with you on this one. I hate having to confront people to complain. I feel like a cranky old lady. It easier to quip a sarcastic remark out on FB than to tell the checker at the grocery store that the music is too loud. But I do. And sometimes the whole process just makes me tired. Now, go get those nut medleys!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. My problem as well! I hate to complain to people in person (other than the hubby, of course), and I am sarcastic by nature. Not a good combination for taking care of business in a mature manner. And funny thing…I actually had a packet of nuts leftover from a salad in the center console, so I was good to go! Hope you are doing well, Libby!


  2. I take everything back that is wrong (never used to). I do it really politely! It just seems every week i get a something wrong in my groceries, starbucks or drug store. Maybe I’m just getting old hahaha but if I don’t it bothers me all day!



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