4,500 Miles of Windshield Time and We’re Still (Happily) Married

Road trips should be a part of premarital counseling. Honestly. I mean can you think of any better way to test compatibility? After almost 29 years, I can honestly say there is no one I’d rather travel with.

We keep each other entertained. And there is always Sirius Road Trip Radio to pass the miles. I got a pretty good recording of Reed singing a rather catchy country song. Something about a tractor and it being sexy. You can thank me now for not sharing it with you.

Quinn travels well. My only complaint is that at times it’s hard to find dog friendly accommodations. Residence Inn’s have been our saving grace.

Unfortunately, due to a convention of old car enthusiasts in Louisville (our typical first night stop), our accommodations were in a deluxe camping cabin at a KOA. And by deluxe, I don’t mean the dictionary’s definition of deluxe.

It was, however, conveniently located next to the highway.

Making for an extremely restful night’s sleep.

At any rate, we arrived in Wisconsin Saturday afternoon.

Our Wisconsin time was crazy busy.

People to see.

Places to go.

Our first stop was to visit Reed’s mom and dad.

Our second was to drop off Quinn at Alli’s.

Our third was Taco John’s. (Alli, BF Logan, and friend Anton in tow, because who’s not up for Taco John’s?!)

And because Georgia does not have anything close to a Taco John’s.

Dinner Sunday night was at Zacateca’s in Neenah with A and L, and L’s family. We were a bit early, so we took a trip down memory lane. (You know, stalked our old house and such.)

While it would have been great if I had gotten a picture of our dining companions, I didn’t. What you do see is my all time favorite margarita and the best veggie fajitas I have ever eaten.

Monday morning Reed and I headed up to Door County to do a little biking in Peninsula State Park. This has been a Hovie summer tradition for as long as I can remember. Lacking any children this year though.

Our first stop was at The Inn at Cedar Crossing. Reed started with the morning bun (highly recommended if you are not vegan), while I pieced together several sides. The potatoes were fabulous.

After a relaxing morning of biking, we stopped at Wilson’s for some ice cream. Just for the record, this is not my favorite ice cream place, as the only nondairy option is a sorbet. And sorbet is not ice cream.

However…it is tradition and the place has a certain ambiance.

Due to some incoming afternoon storms, we opted to skip the traditional mini golfing, opting for a little wine tasting instead.

We made another pit stop at The Packer Pro Shop to find a license plate for the front of our vehicle, as Georgia doesn’t require front licenses. And we feel a need to show Georgia people a real G. There’s a certain university who uses the Packer G. (Looks totally wrong in red and black.)

Yeah. Go Dawgs.

Throughout the week, we met with friends and relatives. Lots of coffee dates and lunches. And there was an afternoon with my favorite Book Club people. And an evening enjoying adult beverages at The Copperstill in Neenah with some old former coworkers.

And did I mention I got to snuggle a brand spanking new baby? Still had the newborn smell.

Sadly, this is the only picture I took throughout the week. Yep. More food. No people. SAP’s Power Bowl. Super yummy. See the kale? Those are chips! Baked to perfection.

Friday morning we were back on the road bright and early, heading to Boston to visit child #1, child #2, and child #2’s GF.

Check out the cute little puppy kennels the state of New York has oh-so-wisely invested in. For a mere 30 cents/minute your doggy can rest in air conditioned comfort while you do whatever it is you need to do at the travel stop.

We arrived at the kids’ apartment in Newton Saturday afternoon. Kristin was home, but Logan and Sarah (Logan’s GF) were working at school. (Yep, they are all roommates.)

So…we met up with them and took Quinn on a walk through Boston College’s beautiful campus.

She looks smart at college, doesn’t she?

That evening, we drove into Boston for dinner.

Dinner was at Rosa Mexicano in Seaport. We ate outside and were able to take in a beautiful view of the harbor.

I’m sure you are noticing a theme with my beverage choice. The tacos were outstanding. Messy. But outstanding.

On Sunday, we hiked Mount Monadnock in New Hampshire with Kristin.

Logan made me coffee in the mornings. (Served in a cup from the firm he interned at this summer AND WILL WORK AT AFTER HE GRADUATES IN MAY.)


I did my long run for the week on a section of the Boston Marathon’s route, so really, it’s just like I ran Boston.

Alright, so maybe not just like it. But I did get to experience Heartbreak Hill. Of course, for me, it was only on mile 8. For the marathon it’s mile 19 or so.

On Kristin’s advice, we ventured to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge.


We climbed the tower to take in the view of the city.

On Wednesday, Reed, Logan, Sarah and I met Kristin for lunch in Boston at by CHLOE (all vegan!), which is within walking distance of Kristin’s work.

I had the BLT. Excellent. The chipotle aioli was absolutely heavenly.

(I don’t know where the tomato went. Must have been camera shy.)

We stopped at a farmer’s market on our way back to the apartment and bought some fresh basil and tomatoes.

For supper, Sarah made noodles.

There is a noodle making machine in my future. Best noodles EVER.

A pretty bold statement, I know.

I would have taken a picture of the final product, but 1.) we ate outside and it was dark, and 2.) I did not possess enough self control.

Let me tell you, fresh homemade noodles tossed in garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes, and basil is a winner.

On Thursday, we packed up the kids and the bikes and headed to the Cape for more biking.

Kristin is excited. I promise.

We biked the Cape Cod Rail Trail, taking a side trip to the ocean.

Lunch was at Arnold’s Seafood. I was more than a little excited to find many vegan options. And I was not at all disappointed in my salad and fries.

The rest of the fam enjoyed lobster rolls.

Logan was craving fudge, so we stopped at a candy store on our way back to Boston.

A note about the salt water taffy: many, many moons ago, Logan ate his weight in salt water taffy. So much so, he never ate it again. He thought it was time.

I devoured my chocolate covered oreo cookie and pb cup.

Friday morning we were back on the road. We had never driven from Boston back to Georgia, so we were able to enjoy new scenery.

New Jersey was not part of that enjoyment.

And Saturday we arrived home to this:

What summertime adventures have you experienced this summer? I’d love to hear about them. Also…always open to learning about favorite vacation spots!

Thought I’d better add a picture of Hovie child #3 and her BF due to the fact I failed to capture any pictures of us while we were visiting and I have numerous pictures of her siblings.

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