6 Things Southwest Georgia Has in Abundance and 3 Things It Does Not

In the Category My Cup Overflows:

  • BBQ Restaurants

Ev-e-ry-where you look.

We live, where I consider to be, out in the Boonies, yet you will find Tommy’s Smokehouse Barbecue just a hop, skip and jump down the road (less than 2 miles as the crow flies) in the quaint unincorporated town of Ellerslie.

And Country’s Barbecue, who frequently caters to my hubby’s place of employment boasts three locations in the greater Columbus area.

Then you have the creatively named BBQ’s like Zombie Pig BBQ or Hog Rock Bar-B-Q.

And it appears just about anybody can put their name in front of three letters and call it a restaurant.

But, being vegan, this matters to me




BBQ means a baked potato and iceberg lettuce with a slice or two of cucumber and three cherry tomatoes.

French fries if I’m lucky.

Because even beans and collard greens have meat in them at a BBQ restaurant.

  • Trees

So the funny thing is, back home, people pay a boatload of $ to buy a wooded lot.

Down here, wooded lots are the rule rather than the exception.

It blows my mind to see trees being knocked down and dragged into piles.

Even more mind blowing is watching them burn.

Surrounded by trees.

Not a hose in sight.

  • Hills

Back in the day, when running on a treadmill, I’d set my elevation at 1%. Sometimes I’d even crank it up to 1.5%. Or if I was really feeling like Queen of the Universe, I might even go to 2% for a hot minute.

Now, I get 5%.

Whether I want 5% or not.

  • Degrees

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past (let’s say January), I may have posted a picture of the hubby and I going out for a run.

I may have even have put a snarky comment about how it was a bit chilly in the deep south, so I needed to wear a long sleeve shirt.

Just trying to show my Wisconsin friends that I felt their pain, as Wisco was going through a bit of a cold snap as well.

(I believe the air temp was -25 that day.)

And so now, today, mid-July in Georgia, we will once again be hitting the mid 90’s.

I don’t even want to talk about the ‘feels like’ temp.

Because, like, does it even matter?

I try making myself feel better by doing some math.

95 is a whole lot closer to 78 than -25 is.

Just sayin’.

  • Dogs

I’ve written about this before. If you are so motivated, read about it here.

  • Churches

Plenty of churches down here.

You could easily attend a different church every Sunday for the next 3 years and not listen to the same pastor twice.

You could probably accomplish this in the same denomination if you were Methodist.

And you most definitely could if you were Baptist.

Lutherans and Catholics?

Not so lucky.

And if you are Jewish?

Good luck.

And Now for the Seriously Lacking:

  • Straight Roads


Navigating would be a whole lot simpler if roads were located in a true North/South, East/West fashion. I probably would not have to continue to rely on my GPS.

Unfortunately, I do have to rely on my GPS, because the roads are winding all over the place.

And don’t even get me started that one road can have several different names depending on what section of the road you happen to be on.

This also happens to be the reason we don’t bike unless we are on a trail.

Narrow, winding roads are beautiful; however, they make biking dangerous. A point we take seriously given all the white crosses on the side of the road.

  • Spelt Flour

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is to me.

I like baking with spelt flour.

A mild, nutty flavor without the texture of cardboard.

  • Karen Approved Mexican Restaurants

So here’s the deal.

I’ve been spoiled.

I continue to pledge my loyalty to Zacateca’s in Neenah. (Although bartaco in Atlanta comes close. But that’s in Atlanta. Not Columbus. So it doesn’t count.)

And I promise, it’s not just the margaritas (although I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge they played a significant role).

Their veggie fajitas are amazing. I mean we are talking not just onions and peppers, but tomatoes and broccoli and zucchini and summer squash and mushrooms.

All cooked to crisp tender perfection.

And the corn tortilla?

And the guac?

Drooling as I type.

So why, you may be asking, don’t I have any pictures of this wonderful entree?

I don’t know. All I can say is that I usually have my margarita drained by the time my fajita’s arrive at the table.

I do need you to understand, it’s not like we haven’t been trying. I believe there are at least 5 Columbus Mexican establishments that have been graced by our presence to date.

We almost had a winner.

The chips (still warm) arrived at our table in short order.

The salsa was salsa(y).

The margaritas were acceptable. Acceptable as in strong, but definitely tasting like a mix.

My hubby had an optimistic smile on his face.

And then I saw the smile slip from his face.

Our meal was approaching the table.

My veggie fajitas:

Served on a plate.

Who serves fajitas on a plate?

A plate does not sizzle.

In that moment, he knew we would not be back no matter how tasty his tacos were.

Self disclosure: We have now been introduced to a more than acceptable Mexican restaurant by a friend of mine who is in the know about all things food in the Columbus area.

Chips and salsa beyond DIVINE.

Margaritas acceptable.

Potato tacos super yummy.

Still missing my veggie fajitas though.

And we don’t get hugs from the owners.

2 thoughts on “6 Things Southwest Georgia Has in Abundance and 3 Things It Does Not

  1. Karen,

    I have real empathy for what you are describing. We moved 10 years ago from the densely populated CA, SF Bay Area to a rural community at the base of the foothills. It’s been an adjustment. The UPS guy must just love me (I do a lot of ordering from Amazon), there are few restaurants, none of which do “vegan”, and cattle is King here. My neighbors raise pigs every year for the Fair and some of my friends believe wholeheartedly in growing marijuana as a good way to make a living. We love the peace and quiet and I have met some genuinely caring and loving people; good people who would give you their last dime. So yah, I get ya. Anyway. I think you will be surprised just how much assimilation you will end up doing:)

    Wish you were my neighbor!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Libby!
    So much in common. Most importantly, I wish you were my neighbor too!

    Assimilation. Yep. I have a feeling it’s going to be eye opening to look back and see how I have changed. Grateful for the opportunity to experience a life so different from what I have been use to. The deep south is oh so much different than the midwest.

    Hope you are doing well, my friend! And if you are ever in the deep south, we need to get together!



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