Today’s My Birthday

Well, I did it.

Made it to 52 with few issues.

Went to bed 51; woke up 52.

Definitely better than the alternative.

Started the day off in grand style. PB and J on sourdough.


No pictures.

The sourdough was feeling rather toasted (if you catch my drift).

And the PB was nuts.

And the strawberries…well, the strawberries were obviously in a jam.

(For those of you still with me, thanks. I’m done now. Promise.)

At any rate.

After allowing breakfast digest, I headed to the trail for a run.

Because it’s my birthday.

And I’m 52.

I love running the trail.

If I begin at the trailhead,

it’s a .2 down. DOWN. Best way to start a run.

That’s followed by a .3 up, and then a 1.5 down, before another .5 up. That’s the point I turn around and head back.

But today’s my birthday.

And I wanted to celebrate by challenging myself.

Mentally. Not physically.

The first time I ran this trail was back in October, shortly after moving to Georgia. Driving to the trailhead that crisp (Georgia October crisp) morn, I was feeling all kinds of anxious.

Butterflies in my tummy, as well as my heart.

I was scared. Not that I had reason to be, but I was.

Everything was new.

I ran, gripping the key fob in my sweaty hand, ready to press the button that would extend the key and create a weapon to (warning: graphic content) gauge the eyes out of anybody who tried to abduct me.

Or stab any snake that appeared on the trail.

Seems rather silly now.

Didn’t seem so silly then.

And that’s what I reminded myself when I ran the extra .5 down the trail today. Seemed a lot longer than .5, I can tell you that. I was more than ready for a vicious dog to come tearing out of the woods.

My ears were on high alert for any footsteps behind me.

But I was brave. Didn’t even bring my fob.

And I felt great.

Fastest time at age 52 to date.

Oh. That’s right.

I’m a lot smarter now that I’m 52.

Not every run needs to be timed. (But I’m sure I ran a negative split on the way back.)

And then, because Starbucks thinks I’m pretty special, I stopped and picked up my free birthday drink.

Not a bad start to 52.

4 thoughts on “Today’s My Birthday

    1. Thank you, Frances! 52 has been relatively painless. I don’t think the pain will set in until 55. Because then I will have to round up to 60 (according to my ‘oh-so-wise’ hubby who just happens to be 5 years my senior!


  1. 52 years young sure looks great on you my Beautiful Friend!! I love your new timeless, stepless Fitbit!! I love reading your posts in which you capture and share your joys and vulnerabilities in a way that I can certainly relate to! Your posts always make me reflect on the important things in life and I thank you for that!! I hope you have a wonderful day Karen, celebrating beautiful YOU!! ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Julie…and not just for the birthday wishes, but for the kind words as well. I so appreciate you taking the time to read my posts AND commenting! I hope you are doing well, my friend. Sending you a big cyber hug!


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