Back to Normal (As if That’s a Thing)

Seems a lifetime ago that I had a Monday morning like today.

A little GMA while drinking a soy latte. (Made for me by me. Sorry Starbucks.)

Sprouted grain toast covered with a liberal layer of Earth Balance and freshly ground peanut butter.

And laundry.

Lots and lots of laundry.

And in between loads of laundry, some “Jesus Time” and some writing time.

Totally emerging myself in this book to encourage my writing life:


(I highly recommend it, by the way. Great for wannabe writers of all ages.)

Hard to believe it’s been over a month since I’ve been home on a Monday morning. We packed up the dog and headed up to Wisconsin back on February 28th.

Over a month ago!

Reed then flew to Dallas for three weeks of training on March 4th, while I stayed in Wisco and visited with family and friends, before joining him the following Friday.

As always, I loved exploring the local food scene. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if looking at food pics isn’t your thing), I was so busy living in the moment I failed to capture most meals.

However, I do have a few to share.

First up, Modern Market Eatery.

Ate there twice. Could have eaten there a whole lot more than twice; but alas, there are only so many meals in a day.

First meal: Tofu with mashed sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts. This was a win. The dipping sauce for the tofu was memorable. Very memorable.


Visit #2 was the Buddha Bowl. I still dream about this. The peanut mango sauce was the pièce de résistance. (Hope I used that correctly.)


And then there was bartaco. (Before you get all judgy on me, the lower case b is intentional. Other mistakes in this post are inadvertent. This one, was not.)

I became obsessed with bartaco last January when my niece introduced us to the restaurant in Atlanta.

Felt like I hit the jackpot when I discovered there was one in Dallas AND one in Fort Worth.

Lucky, lucky me.

Tried them both. Only took pictures once.


The above margarita is second to none. Okay, actually second to one. Best margarita award goes to Zacateca’s in Neenah, Wisconsin. If you’re ever in the area, you need to try their House Scratch.

At any rate, I’m rather fond of the cauliflower and the whatever the current SPECIAL (not on the menu) is. So far I’ve experienced the fried avocado and the Brussels sprouts. Both yummy. Reed has opted for the Baja fish. (Except for the time he tried the tuna. Won’t be trying that again anytime soon. Waaay outside his comfort zone.)


We “rented” (technically not rented, as we didn’t have to pay anything) bikes while I was there, so we could experience the local trails.

The first weekend we explored the Grapevine Bike Trail.

There are no pictures.

Because it was cold.

And windy.

And slightly misty.

And the bike was NOT adjusted to my body and there wasn’t anything we could do about that until mid ride. By then my butt, shoulders, and wrists were not having any fun at all.

I barely survived.

The second weekend however, was beautiful!

We biked the nearby trail in Las Colinas.


And rejuvenated at Jamba Juice. (A Reed fave. And I certainly am not one to complain. Well, okay. Maybe I am. But just not about Jamba Juice.)


On Sunday, we headed to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.



So beautiful.

A guy (who must not know that the best demographic for taking pictures is not a 50+ year old man) asked Reed to take a picture of him and his girlfriend. Kinda awesome when he dropped down on one knee and proposed. (To his girlfriend. Not Reed.)

I flew back to Wisconsin on Monday, and Reed wrapped up his class Friday and arrived in Appleton late that night.

We spent the weekend visiting.

On Tuesday morning, we emptied out the storage garage we had rented last summer, as it still had some of our kids’ stuff and odds and ends Reed refuses to part with (anyone interested in car magazines from the 1970’s?) and loaded up a U-Haul for what I hope is the last time ever, and headed back to Georgia.

See this?


This is the tire on the U-Haul. Ironically, the tire the nice man at the place we rented the U-Haul assured us would not be a problem.

This added a bit of excitement to the trip.

A trucker flashed his headlights at us just as we noticed (through the thick cloud of smoke) we were sending chunks of tire all over the highway.

See this?


This is our view as we sat on an off ramp in the middle of Indiana waiting for the calvary to arrive.

Only took a half hour or so.

Thank goodness. I told Reed if it were longer than an hour, I was going to crack open a bottle of the Door County wine we had brought back with us. Probably worked out for the best, as I didn’t have a wine corkscrew on me anyway.


Set us back a bit time wise, but the rest of the drive was uneventful.

Of course, we were somewhat anxious to see what our neighborhood looked like after the tornado that ripped through our area shortly after we left for Wisconsin. Everything looked normal until we turned into our neighborhood. Then, suddenly, blue tarps, boarded up windows, and downed trees were everywhere. One house was missing its roof.


(Took this video the next day.)

At any rate, we’ve been busy cutting up fallen trees, picking up branches, and hauling trailer load after trailer load of debris to the dump.

All said and done, we realize just how fortunate we are.

And now I’m ready to get back into my normal routine.


2 thoughts on “Back to Normal (As if That’s a Thing)

  1. It was so wonderful seeing you again! Lauren was bummed she didn’t get to see Quinn, so we’ll have to work on that. :). Glad your tire mishap didn’t delay you too long!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Chris! I am so glad we were able to get together. I appreciate our friendship. And I guess that just means you and Lauren will need to come visit so she can snuggle with Quinn!


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