ONE WORD: Checking In and Making a Confession


how has your ONE WORD been treating you?

Been giving it any thought?

Really. I want to know.

Personally, I’ve been struggling a bit.

But only because I’ve been thinking.

Which is a good thing!


This past month has forced encouraged me to differentiate between ACTION (my ONE WORD) and ‘busyness’.

I’ve been rather ‘busy’ lately.

And by ‘busy’ I certainly don’t mean the kind of busy of my past. Because the reality of my busy today is way different than the busy of my yesteryear.

By choice, my husband and I had three children within 28 months. (And just for the record, I have no regrets.) Our oldest turned 26 in November. Our middle born will turn 25 tomorrow. And our baby will be 24 next month.

Quite honestly, the 1990’s through the mid 2010’s were a blur: the ‘busy’ness began with dance classes, swim lessons, art classes, and piano lessons, and grew to include more music lessons (guitar, violin, viola, and cello), religious education, club sports (soccer, volleyball, AAU basketball), and school sports (volleyball, basketball, and track and field).

The ‘busy’ness began dwindling as our kids went off to college, and came to a close as their athletic careers ended. (I digress, but you can read about how I feel about kid’s sports here.)

During their early years, I was a stay at home mom (teaching fitness and dance classes and becoming a personal trainer to ensure I didn’t completely lose my mind by staying home all day with the kids. I say this lovingly, of course).

When my youngest began first grade, I finally put my teaching degree to use.

While teaching, I served on too many committees, although as I got older (and wiser), I only served on committees I felt passionate about.

I even served as vice president and then president of the PTO at my kids’ elementary school. (That’s what happens when you miss the meeting where people are nominated.)

So while I say that I have been busy, the ‘busyness’ of the past month or so was a different kind of busy.

My new kind of ‘busy’ means hosting visitors for the past month.

In mid-January, my husband and I traveled to Atlanta for my great nephew’s first birthday party!


My mom had been visiting my oldest sister in Florida, and my other sister (also a retired Florida resident) brought her to Atlanta for the party. My mom came back to Columbus to spend a few weeks!


Good friends came to visit during Super Bowl weekend.


Then, my sisters visited for a few days before bringing my mom back to Florida with them.

A day later, we picked up our oldest at the airport in Atlanta.img_0868

I’m so grateful for the time spent with family and friends, but tbh, I let my ONE WORD (ACTION), fall to the wayside.

My connection to God and His word were erratic. I’d quickly read the Verse of the Day on my iPhone. I struggled to read my YouVersion plan with any consistency. My Bible was untouched. Prayers were said on the fly.

I neglected the very ACTIONS that kept me grounded and moving forward in my ONE WORD.

I started doubting my word and whether or not the ACTION(s) I had started were even making a difference.

Were they even meaningful?

My ONE WORD began to feel purposeless and insignificant.

And I felt empty.

And then a good friend sent me this:

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 12.02.18 PM.png

Talk about timing.

It ignited me, reminding me of how easy it is to be so caught up in the journey of the end game, that the beauty of the ACTION is forgotten.

This inspired me to look back through my journal. And when I did so, I heard God speaking to me through Bible verses I had written down.

This is what I needed to be reminded of:

  • encouraging others is ACTION
  • my passion is writing
  • writing can be a means of ACTION
  • ACTIONS do not need to be grand, they just need to be meaningful
  • simple ACTS of kindness are transformational

And with this, I feel at peace, and eager to continue with the goals I had set as I focus on my ONE WORD: ACTION.










2 thoughts on “ONE WORD: Checking In and Making a Confession

  1. It’s interesting that this check in showed up in my feed today. My word is offering, and I feel like it came to me as a reminder to serve God with my life in the small and big things and know that he will make it all beautiful. But in the past few weeks I feel like I’ve been smacked in the head over and over with the word community. Almost as if that’s the word I should have chosen. Or maybe my offering is leading me to building community? Who knows…

    I resonate with action vs busyness so much, my friend. For me it’s the reminder that working FOR God does not replace being WITH God. I am trying hard in this season to prioritize being WITH Him, even when the demands to work FOR Him are swallowing up my time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love hearing from you, Stephanie. I so appreciate your insightfulness.

      I also love the idea that your offering may be leading to you building community. If there is anyone I know that has the ability to do this, it’s you. I totally envy this quality you have…you are able to put yourself out there, and as a result, so many people feel connected to you. What a special gift.

      Take care, my friend. (And see you next month :))


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