Dream Small

I look forward to Monday mornings.

Weekends are typically action packed (I married a man who can’t sit still), so I appreciate the slower start to my day once the work week begins.

(And the fact I no longer teach doesn’t hurt my love for Monday mornings either.)

We spent this past weekend ‘out in the woods’ clearing away undergrowth, cutting down dead trees, pulling vines out of trees, and making numerous trips to the Harris County dump to dispose of it all.

I like a neat and tidy woods. As does the hubby.


On this Monday morning, I started the laundry before making myself a cup of coffee and curling up on the couch to watch GMA.


***A little note about laundry. I enjoy it. I find it satisfying and rewarding. I get to sort clothes by color, make everything clean, fold clothes into neat stacks or hang on hangers, match and fold socks, and then put everything where it belongs.

Love it.

Laundry makes me feel accomplished.

Ironing however, is a different story.

At any rate, this morning, as I was all cuddled up on the couch checking my phone, I saw a message a friend had sent me about her ‘why’.

An honest and thoughtful ‘why’ story.

And it got me thinking about all the ‘whys’ you have shared with me…

and about how honored I am you trusted me with your ‘whys’…

and about how I see so many of you viewing your life in a new way. Viewing it through your new ONE WORD lens…

and about what I could do to support you in your journey with your word.

From there I started thinking about my ONE WORD. And about my ‘why’. Of needing to have purpose. Of wanting to make a difference.

And that’s when lyrics from the song Dream Small by Josh Wilson popped into my head.


Ever since a friend of mine mentioned that Billy Joel’s song Keeping the Faith, kept running through her head as a reminder of her ONE WORD, I’ve been intently listening to song lyrics  listening for God’s voice speaking to me.

And I heard him:

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with bigger dreams
Just don’t miss the minutes on your way, your bigger things, no
‘Cause these simple moments change the world


Just let Jesus use you where you are
One day at a time


Keep loving, keep serving
Keep listening, keep learning
Keep praying, keep hoping
Keep seeking, keep searching
Out of these small things and watch them grow bigger
The God who does all things makes oceans from river


I hadn’t been viewing success in the right way. I had been thinking success meant making it big.

But what it really means is making a difference.

I felt relief.

I was on the right path.

God was telling me what I needed to do; I just needed to listen.

And I didn’t need to be doing anything grandiose; I just needed to focus on everyday moments and opportunities.

And I certainly didn’t need to be worrying about the bigger picture.

He would be taking care of that for me.

After GMA was over, I switched the station to Sirius’ The Message.

Guess what song was on?

Yep. Not even kidding.


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