5 Things That Have Been Taking Up Space in my Head as of Late

Let’s just start with this:

I am so grateful for the sun today. After 3 rainy, dreary days, my mood and energy level were suffering.

So, yes.

Today I am grateful for the sun.

At any rate, whenever there are days that are dark and forlorn, I tend to do a lot of thinking.

Sometimes deep.

Sometimes not so much.

Lucky you. Should you choose, you can read both.

We’ll start with the ‘not so much’.

I’ve been thinking about my kitchen sink.

img_8514(Hardly earth shattering, but it’s been on my mind.)

My sink at my old house had three sections.


One for washing. One for drying. And I even had a little section just for the garbage disposal.

Pretty fancy.

It was the perfect system.

My new sink only has one section.


Garbage disposal? Nope. We are country dwellers now.

I’ve remedied this by purchasing a composting pail and researching the living daylights out of composting. (Any additional advice would be welcomed.)


And no section for drying.

So I purchased a drying mat and rack,


So I am trying. I really am.

But where do I drain my noodles when I’m washing dishes?

Moving on…

I’ve been thinking about words.

What if you tweeted something when you were young and ‘not so smart’ that was offensive to others? I’m thinking about Kyler Murray who just won the Heisman. I’m thinking about Kevin Hart who was slated to host the Academy Awards. Is it enough to accept responsibility and apologize? How long should your words and actions be held against you? Does age get you off the hook? How about your position?

I’m all for consequences.

But at what point do we need to move on and let others move on?

And what about the words of Baby It’s Cold Outside? How are you feeling about that?

Valid? Too much?

Words have power. Need to be thoughtful about how we choose to use them.

I’ve been thinking (and doing a lot of reading) about the diet culture we live in.

As a society, we are sending the message that outward appearance is representative of health. It seems that wherever you look, you are bombarded with advice about how to lose weight and get fit. And this seems to be especially true during the holiday season. You can freeze your fat. You can get your fat sucked out. You can inject yourself with hCG, the pregnancy hormone. You can restrict calories. You can exercise excessively. You can avoid carbohydrates.

None of which sound particularly healthy to me.

We accept bad nutrition advice from a world focused on weight.

And many times we accept information from people who are not qualified to give such advice.

I’ve been thinking a lot about religion.

We continue to church shop. And as a result, I’ve been exploring the beliefs of different denominations, including the two I have identified with for all of my life (Methodist and Lutheran).

It’s been very eyeopening…

Denominations having differing beliefs, but everybody supports their stance with scripture. Using the same Bible.

Take yoga, for instance. Methodists hold yoga classes in church basements, while Lutherans need to take heed of the dangers of yoga.

You bet I’m confused.

And finally, thankfully, I’ve been thinking about all the people who are out there doing good deeds. 

People, who when asked why they did something, respond with because it was the right thing to do.

The man on the plane giving up his first class seat to the mom traveling with her baby.

Celebrities paying of layaways at their local Walmart.

The woman who donated her kidney to her ailing neighbor.

Twitter users calling out the trolls on other peoples’ accounts.

So thankful for all the good people out there.

3 thoughts on “5 Things That Have Been Taking Up Space in my Head as of Late

  1. Let me know if you can how the composting goes. I would love to do it but live in a rural area and am afraid of attracting critters. And no disposal here either.

    I am Jewish but love all of the rituals and lore of the Catholic church. I especially love modern day Jesuits and their outreach efforts.

    The nutrition talk, any of it, makes me extremely nervous. Like, I mean I can’t even discuss it with people. I did just read a great article about wheat and gluten, however. If you want to get twisted up about something, let me know!

    I look for every day acts of kindness. They feel redemptive and hopeful. And we need to practice forgiveness, empathy and understanding. Human beings are imperfect and we should love one another because of those imperfections.

    There! That was on my mind too!

    Thank you for the post and the opportunity to leave a comment!


    1. Libby! I so enjoy our interaction, and look forward to your comments. I appreciate your thoughts. I’ll keep you informed of my composting efforts. My hope is to get it under control by the time I plant a garden this spring.

      We have been attending a nondenominational church and I love so much about it. The music. The message. BUT I really am missing some of the rituals of my methodist/lutheran background. Not sure what to do about this as of yet.

      Send the article! I am more than a bit curious!

      Humans are imperfect. And we all have a story. That’s what I keep reminding myself.

      Take care, Libby! And I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!



      1. Karen-
        I enjoy our interactions too and look forward to your posts. They are a lovely addition to my morning reading.

        I wasn’t sure about emailing you but here is the link to the bread article I mentioned: https://www.nutritionbycarrie.com/2018/12/modern-bread-myths.html The article is written by Carrie Dennett. You probably know her from Gena’s site. I am never sure what to think when people around me tell me that they don’t eat bread. This article helped me to understand the discussion a little better. Hope that you like it.

        I just bought my Christmas cards. Guess what I will be doing this weekend?

        Thank you again and I hope that your weekend goes well,


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