A Weekend Wrap in More Pictures Than Words

Hello, Friends!

I hope your weekend was everything you needed it to be. Sometimes I am craving a weekend full of productivity (like, you know, when you’ve just moved and you are trying to make your house a home), while at other times I am desperate for a weekend that restores my mind, body, and soul. (Thinking of all my teacher friends who just finished several long days of teaching and conferences.)

This weekend was a weekend of ‘getting things done’; I am feeling rather accomplished.

I was a tad bit excited when the mail carrier rang the doorbell Friday afternoon. Since I left my coffee maker with Alli, I have been on the hunt for a new one. I wanted one that would make individual cups (without disposable pods) AND that would make my coffee taste like a piece of heaven.

The Ninja caught my eye…50% off on Amazon.

I also moved sans blender. It died shortly before we moved, and there was no way I was going to buy one just to pack it up and move it. So while placing my order for the coffee maker, this one popped up in the ‘customers also bought’ section.

Also 50% off!

I really had been coveting a Vitamix, but I bought both of these for less than the cost of a Vitamix.

Yay me!


Dinner Friday night was leftovers. I had tried a rather intricate recipe the night before (made my own ‘dumplings’ even), and it was sooooo good, that even the ‘leftover hating hubby’ asked for a repeat the following night.


Saturday morning was rather dismal looking, but at least the rain had stopped. We ventured out for a run before breakfast.


Once we got back, we took Quinn out for a walk.


She was doing great until we got here. Then the walk lost its appeal.


Of course I had to try out my new toy when we got back.

No disappointments.


Breakfast was leftovers of a recipe I’ve been working on. (Just trying to copy Panera…steel cut oats and quinoa.)


Then I started planning meals for the next week. I love Thug Kitchen!

Offensive? Yes.

Excellent food? You betcha.

Favorite line from last week’s recipe:

“With the pot still simmering, add the dumplings a couple at a time so they don’t get stuck together in a clusterf*#$ of dough and dying dreams.”


Then we rearranged the bedroom we have repurposed as an office. Yep. Took everything off the shelves, disassembled the desk, hauled the pieces over to the opposite wall, and put everything back on the shelves. (I keep telling my husband that I AM DONE lifting heavy things, yet I keep finding myself lifting heavy things. I really think I am too old for this.)


Next up, a little picture hanging. Of course all the hook bippies were in the wrong place, so Reed had to work his magic.


This is our ‘Neenah’ wall. Bought the prints from a quaint little shoppe downtown Neenah before we moved. Lots of memories when I look at this wall!


And then off to church! (I did finally take a shower for the day.) We are in the midst of church shopping. I am not enjoying the process, although I keep telling myself I need to enjoy the process.


We have visited here quite a few times. Love the music. Love the message. Love the option of going on Saturday!


I’ve been looking for a Mexican restaurant that will rival Zacateca’s in Neenah. This would not be one. Very ‘meh’. Dinner was followed by grocery shopping, because as you are all aware, you should always shop on a full tummy.


Quinn was full of vim, vigor and vitality Sunday morning. Seriously. I refer to her as a grandma dog (no disrespect to any grandmas out there). She is just more of a cuddler than a walker…probs due to having both ACL’s repaired. At any rate, we took advantage of her mood and headed to the Fall Line Trace Trailhead (making a breakfast stop first).



Then, as we arrived home, I happened to notice another package had magically appeared on our front porch!

Another project!

Giving Roman blinds a try.


We bought some flowers yesterday, so I (okay…Reed), did a little arranging.


Later in the afternoon we ran errands! Don’t you just love Kohl’s Department store? They certainly have their way of getting you to come back. We had $60 of Kohl’s cash to spend before midnight.

Reed found out about this little gem of a restaurant/store, so we gave it a try. It really reminds me of the ‘Red Radish’ we use to have in Neenah. I was super excited to find vegan cream cheese and spelt flour BECAUSE THERE ISN’T ANY PLACE IN COLUMBUS THAT SELLS EITHER ONE. And believe me, I know.


I had the ‘chicken’ sammy.


Reed opted for the ‘fish’.


We shared the brownie.

No disappointments.


Sunday night we opted for a bike ride. First time on the tandem since arriving in Georgia, so the tires needed some air.


Reed making ‘nice nice’ with the neighbors.


And then there was this ‘hey, let’s just see where this road goes’ part of the ride.

Blurry? Yes.

Why? Because the gravel was not exactly what you’d call hard packed and while you may not be able to see how big of a hill it was, you can take my word for it. It was a big hill.


And a late lunch meant that dinner was ice cream. In bed. Because our living room furniture has yet to be delivered and we don’t have any place comfy to sit.


All in all…a wonderful weekend! I hope yours was as well!

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