What Does it Really Mean to Be Healthy?

See this?


This is what I have been staring at while on the treadmill this past month.

Fortunately, I’ve found a practical use for the chart. Mental math. Keeps my brain quick and sharp. Sometimes I add; sometimes I subtract. Sometimes I look for number patterns as I work my way horizontally across the chart. Sometimes I try to figure out the rhyme and reason for the color choices for each activity.

Want to know what I don’t use it for?

Tracking calories burned.

THAT makes me crabby and irritable.

I don’t write much about my exercise habits.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t feel I have yet achieved role model status.

I struggle to listen to my body. 

I’ve ignored doctors’ instructions.

And occasionally I hear ‘not so healthy’ voices in my head.

This usually happens when I am on social media.

I mean, you don’t have to look far to see posts of sweaty bodies. ‘Health’ and ‘Wellness’ related hashtags run amok.

I could be wrong, but it seems like some of those touting their health, aren’t really so healthy. 

Seems like the some of the ‘after’ pictures really should be ‘before’ pictures.

Seems like some who are claiming ‘recovery’ have exchanged one eating disorder for another.

And at the risk of offending those who post such pictures, I need to ask why? What is your motivation for sharing those photos with the world? Accountability? To whom? Inspiration? Truthfully, for me, posts like these are hardly inspirational.  

For me, those posts are:

a source of guilt for not having society’s perception of a ‘healthy’ body, as it insinuates I am not taking care of myself. 

a source of anger for suggesting to young, impressionable girls they need to look a certain way.

and a source of sadness for those who feel their self worth is based on outward appearance.  

You know the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”?

Well, unfortunately, in the case of social media, we don’t know what those words are. We don’t know what words tell the whole story.  Do we really know why people look the way they look?

Want to know what else makes me sad?

People, especially young girls, going to extremes to morph their bodies into hashtag worthy posts.

And it truly frightens me that some accounts have such large followings.

The diet culture that has invaded, and taken over our society has us believing that being healthy has a specific look. Health should not be a look based on society’s misconstrued ideals.

I would have to engage in some pretty unhealthy behaviors in order to achieve society’s standards of a ‘healthy’ looking body.

Which brings me back to that poster I’ve been staring at for the past month.

Exercising to achieve or maintain a certain body weight or clothing size is not a healthy reason to exercise.

As I get older, I am grateful my definition of ‘healthy’ has evolved. To me, being healthy is not a look. It’s a feeling.

And it’s not just a feeling that encompasses my physical self, but my mental and spiritual self as well.

And I can’t feel good if…

I believe my self worth is based on my outward appearance

and I place more importance on worshipping my body than worshipping God.






2 thoughts on “What Does it Really Mean to Be Healthy?

  1. Just saying “hello!” I have been reading for just a little while (I hopped over from Gena Hamshaw’s blog) and I thought I would comment. It is those three lines you wrote above (listening to your body, ignoring doctor’s orders on occasion, etc.) that I am thinking about. They ring very true. And I am old enough to know better.

    The other day I read somewhere that plastic surgeons are seeing an increase in people coming into their offices requesting procedures that will match a distorted image of themselves that they have taken with their smartphones. (There evidently is an app for that!) I thought that was super disturbing. Nothing seems to be real anymore (and people are having a hard time recognizing this) and I guess your comments about young girls having unrealistic body image expectations reminded me of that.

    Anyway, I saw that you had moved and I hope you are settling in. Best wishes from California.
    Thank you for the post,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank you for saying ‘hello’! You made my day. And it is so scary what we, as a society, are doing to ourselves. It’s hard for me to be on social media at times because as much as I know what I am seeing is not real, it still hits me. And I too, am old enough to know better!

      We should be in our new house a week from today…can’t wait!

      And Libby from CA…thank you for reading!!


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