It’s Been 4 Years

4 years ago this month, I created a blog and published my first post.

I’ll spare you the post in its entirety, but it ended with this:

And so it begins…to honor my passion for writing, a blog is born.

This baby gathered 4 views.


Surprisingly, I kept at it.


I blogged about health, food, nutrition, and wellness, because those were the types of blogs I followed.

I posted recipes.

…but, as it turns out, recipe creation really isn’t my thing. I am much more of a recipe follower than a recipe creator.

As a little side bar, my favorite recipe bloggers are:

Chocolate Covered Katie

Minimalist Baker

Oh She Glows

The Full Helping

In my second post “Finding my Focus”, I tried to figure out what it was I would be actually be blogging about. That particular post ended with this:

My passion?


Too broad of a topic?

I guess I will find out!

If nothing else, it made for a great title for my blog.

Yeah—sometimes I cringe when I look back at previous posts.

So at any rate, here I am, 250 posts later.

Last month, I decided it was past time to reinvent my blog. After all, it had been four years.

New theme?


New focus?


But what about the name of my blog????? What about that little detail?

When I first began blogging, I thought my blog would be health related, hence the name 2write4health, but I’ve come to realize it’s become more than that.

I feel the most content and like I am making a difference when I write about what’s on my mind.

When I write about topics I feel passionate about.

When I write about what keeps me up at night.

When I write to make sense out of my world.

When I write to begin conversations.

When I write to give others hope that they are not alone.

So today, for my 252nd post, I want to revisit the posts that have garnered the most response.

I Don’t Want to Talk About Mental Illness

My Hope for You is This

NEDA Week 2018

I Want to Talk About Kids’ Sports

Does Everything Happen For a Reason

I Want to Talk About My Dad

A Letter to My First Born and Chocolate Ice Cream

And as I now realize, 2write4health is more than appropriate.

So I guess the name will stay.

As I it turns out I am writing for health.

My own.

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