Spring Break 2018 (No Swimsuit…Just Skis and Jumper Cables)

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Despite my best intentions to be more consistent with my blogging, a few weeks have elapsed since my last post.

My excuse?

In the world of education, it’s EP season, so too much a considerable amount of my ‘free time’ has been devoted to writing my documentation log for my Employee Effectiveness Plan.

Including some of my spring break.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 12.12.17 PM.png

Now I’m not looking for sympathy, as I did enjoy my break immensely, despite devoting a significant amount of time to my EP. The fact that I was ‘trapped’ in a vehicle for almost 2,400 miles did provide plenty of work time. And then of course, there were Starbuck’s grande triple shot soy lattes to keep me going. They didn’t hurt the cause, either.

At any rate…

This year’s destination was the east coast to visit our two oldest children and to do a little skiing.

We left Neenah by 4:00 Friday afternoon. (Which is kind of a big deal, as the hubby, more often than not, gets stuck at work on ‘leaving on vacation days’, resulting in later departure times.)

We bade goodbye to our youngest and the pup, and set off.


Apparently 4:00 is a good time to leave Neenah, as we made it through Chicago in record time.

Yep. Everything was all fine and good until…


Not long after finishing up my rendition of the “Gary, Indiana” song, right about where I90 crosses I94, I90 turned red on my Maps app. So while we expected a slow down, we didn’t expect to be in standstill traffic for an hour. After watching numerous cars, and even a few semis, drive through the median, we decided to follow suit. We headed back on I90, got off on I94 and grabbed the first road heading south, past the red zone.

And that’s where deer met vehicle. (Both are fine.)

By 9:00 Saturday night, after a full day of driving, we rolled into Newton, Massachusetts. We picked up Logan, our middle child, and drove to The Brewer’s Coalition, a nice little pub down the road. Despite being in the midst of the NCAA tournament, and the bar having flat screens on most walls, it was fairly quiet. We enjoyed some appetizers and adult beverages, and got caught up.

After dropping Logan off at his apartment, we headed to our hotel, where our oldest, Kristin, joined us. She had had a date (actually two…power dating) earlier in the evening in Boston, and decided to stay with us that night, so she wouldn’t have to drive back the next morning.

Bright and early, we set off to Wachusett Mountain.

The weather was perfect.

The company was awesome. (I love spending time with my kids. And the husband too. Don’t want to forget about him.)


The views were spectacular.


It was a perfect day.

We ate at the DeDu Thai Eatery for dinner that night. My meal was memorable. (Which is a good thing, as I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of it.) I had crispy tofu with peanuts and a chili gastrique, followed by Massaman Curry with (you guessed it) more tofu.

Rancatore’s Ice Cream Shop was a short walk away, so we were able to finish up the meal with some locally made ice cream. I had the mango sorbet and it was very mango’y’. (Which is a good thing. If you like mango. Which I do.)

The next day, the hubby and I were off to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine.

We stopped for lunch in Portland. Having been through this area numerous times over the past few years, we knew exactly where Whole Foods was. Can’t beat their hot/cold bar.


You can, however, beat this cupcake.


Should have opted for the cookie.


After a longish day of driving, we arrived at the hill (midwestern talk for mountain). Sugarloaf is in the middle of nowhere, so we really had no other option than to stay at the resort (scored a ski out condo) and dine at their fine restaurant.

Here’s the fine restaurant:


And let me tell you, I felt pretty fine wearing jeans, winter boots, and a sweatshirt. #outofourelement

The wine was good (at least mine was, somebody elses was too dry). The food was fancy (which doesn’t always appeal to picky eaters— no names, but it wasn’t me). The company, we both agreed, was perfect.

We feasted, walked around the resort, and then headed back to our room.

The next morning, we walked outside, strapped on the boards, and jumped on the lift. The skiing was incredible. Best skiing we’ve done in a long time.

The runs were l—o—n—g, the lines were nonexistent, and I didn’t freeze to death. We even skied a double black diamond without injury.


After a fun filled day, we headed over to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.

We crashed early (fresh air, old age) and hard, so we never even heard the phone ring at 11:00 that night. The next morning, we were greeted with a voice mail and a text from Logan.

His car had died. Downtown Boston. He diagnosed (correctly, after watching YouTube videos) a dead battery.

Fortunately (?), the weather had taken a turn (rain/ice), and we were questioning the skiing conditions, so it was a no brainer to head back towards Boston.

All the way down, my hubby (Mr. Fixit) was figuring out his plan of attack.

We stopped at Logan’s to get the keys and find out where the car was.

(I couldn’t help but snap this picture. Here’s my 6’5″ baby walking to school with his backpack on.)


Anyway…we headed into Boston praying the car would be where he had left it.

It was.

Want to know what I now know, but never thought about before? The battery on a Camry is on the driver’s side. The battery on a Denali is on the passenger side. So, if you have your wife (me) get out of the car, you can pull within mere inches of the disabled car, turn your hazard lights on, and jump start a car.

In downtown Boston.

In heavy traffic.

Yep. Never going to forget that experience.

Nor will I ever forget how much fun I had driving a full size SUV with a Thule on top through the narrow city streets. This took fun to a whole new level.

***We do have AAA. Easy way out, apparently.

At any rate, this change in plans allowed us to spend some more time with the kids.

That day, we met Kristin for lunch. She had been dying for me to try By Chloe, a vegan restaurant, she is obsessed with. I now understand her obsession.

It was sooooo good. Mac and ‘cheese’ with mushroom bacon, and a basil lemonade.

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.


After stopping by Ben and Jerry’s for a little ice cream, we walked her back to work. I’m a wee bit jealous of her workplace.


We spent the afternoon walking around the city, as we had just spent $24 to park the car. Figured we may as well get our money’s worth.

Then, a funny thing happened.

Last month, my 7th graders had taken part in a virtual field trip of Boston Harbor.

So, when I heard loud cheers of ‘huzzah’ (what my students had been instructed to shout during the field trip when they were in agreement with what was being said), we investigated the source of the noise.

Yep. Same place.


We enjoyed ‘hanging out’ for a few more days…Logan was looking for new running routes, so we visited the Arnold Arboretum (a no go), Kristin was looking for another phone, so we visited Verizon (hello, iphone X).

All too soon, Friday morning arrived. We had said our goodbyes the night before. (I HATE goodbyes. Plus, there had been two in one night. It was terrible. And not just for me. The hubby was feeling it as well.)

The next morning, to ease the pain of vacation’s end, we stopped at PVDonuts and waited in line AN HOUR for donuts.

(Totally worth it BTW.)


And then we began our journey back home, which is never as much fun as the journey away from home.

(But on the bright side, I was able to hit the submit button on my Effectiveness Plan this past week.)

2 thoughts on “Spring Break 2018 (No Swimsuit…Just Skis and Jumper Cables)

  1. This was a great blog. Loved hearing about your adventures though it left me curious about the deer. Also, why on earth would you not being a dozen of those donuts to school? Good Lord- those almost looked scary!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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