Free Advice (And The Daniel Plan Checkup)

Last post?

About 2 weeks ago.


Don’t have one.


This post showed up on my Timehop today.

Somebody is trying to tell me something.

It’s not that I’ve been lazy. I’ve been putting a lot of time and effort into making small changes in my life since participating in The Daniel Plan a couple of months ago.

If you remember, I created 4 goals:

  • Food: Drink 64 oz. of water daily
  • Fitness: Upper body strengthening exercises
  • Focus: Positive self talk
  • Faith: Spend more time with God
  • Friends: Reach out to others

And how am I doing? Well…

  • There are very few days that I have not consumed 64 oz. of water. (For what I hope is an obvious reason, I did not even make an attempt when we drove home from Florida.) This cute pink Nalgene bottle? FullSizeRender.jpg

Well, this has been the key. I simply know that I need to fill it up (and drink it) twice a day. This has greatly reduced my tea consumption, however. (Sorry Fava Tea.) I still indulge in my morning Lemon Goji Berry Tea, but that’s been about it. Occasionally, I’ll drink some tea before bed, but to be honest, I just can’t drink that much.

And have I noticed any differences in my health? Actually…yes. Or perhaps I should say I have noticed a difference when I don’t drink enough water.

  • Upper body exercise game going strong. I’ve been assuming the plank position and then doing 10 repetitions of dropping to one elbow, then the other, and then going back up to a full arm extension one arm at a time. Been pretty consistent with this, except on yoga days, as my yoga instructor takes great pride in turning my arms to mush.

Do I notice a difference? Nope. I don’t. But I’ll keep it up anyway. I’ve also debated adding to this routine, as it really only takes a few minutes. I feel a need to focus on injury prevention so I don’t have any setbacks in my running.

***Afterthought: Perhaps I am getting stronger. My in-laws moved out of their house this past month, and I was able to do a lot of lifting and carrying without any ill effects.

  • And the focus and faith part? Yeah. Of these I am most proud. Sounds rather poetic when I state it this way, doesn’t it?

See this book? (Kinda hard not to, with the picture right here and all.)


It gets written in just about every. Single. Morning. (Insert smiley emoji here. Seriously. Why doesn’t WordPress have emoji’s?) I list 3 things I am thankful for AND then I specifically make one positive statement about my body.

Each morning I also read a daily devotional. And I started reading this book a few weeks ago:


Want to know what the reading was yesterday?


Want to know what was brought up in my staff meeting yesterday?

The possibility of upcoming change.

Coincidence? I think not. I mean I could have started reading this book on any given day. I could have skipped a day. I could have read two days in one. But I didn’t. This was the message presented on the day change was presented. How freaking mind blowing is that?

***And now a bit of self disclosure. The reading the Bible at night thing was not happening consistently. Reading while in bed presented several issues. One, when I crawl into bed I am tired. Really tired. I do not struggle AT ALL with falling asleep. Two, my eyesight is deplorable (we are talking -10.5 for contacts, people). So despite the fact that I invested in some really cool bifocals, the lamp next to my bed does little to help me see. And while there were times I resorted to using the flashlight on my phone, it was not an ideal situation. Long story not so short, the Bible is now downstairs. And it has been working out much better.

***Self disclosure part 2: The Bible is not an easy read for me. Nor should it be, I guess. It takes a lot for me to stay engaged.

  • Last but not least, the reaching out thing. You know, where I needed to reach out to someone each day. Apparently that was a bit lofty of a goal. Struggling with the daily part. But I’ll keep trying. I think I have freaked out my children on more than one occasion by sending random, heartfelt texts.

So now let’s go back to the title of this post, which I am pretty sure you no longer remember.

Free Advice

Here is my free advice: Change is possible. You can change, BUT you need to start small. It needs to be something you can realistically carry out for weeks on end. Recent studies show that it could take more than the originally thought 21 days to develop a habit. Some studies reveal it could take months…some suggest up to a year. So make your changes “doable” to ensure they will become habits.

Want to know what’s next on my list?

Each day I will write for 10 minutes. (And now you may understand why I brought up my Timehop.)

So, I want to start a conversation…what’s on your list?

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