Spring Break 2017: 2 for 1

Two for one, as in two days in one post, because yesterday’s post never happened. But I’m on vacation, so it’s okay.

It was another rough start to the day: a leisurely walk with the Quinn in the Florida sunshine.


Notice the tail down. Not only aren’t there any squirrels to chase, but it’s kinda toasty for fur coats.


Camera shy:


Breakfast consisted of the same old, same old, but I am not complaining! There’s just something about chia oats!


The mango was perfection.


Today I opted to make plain old coffee in the coffee maker, BUT I impulse bought this creamer at the store, so I was able to shake things up a bit. Not bad. Not bad at all.


Today we decided to bike to the beach. For years, I have been “encouraging” Reed to get rid of the Winchester, since our kids are well past the point of riding in it, and I don’t see any grandchildren in the near future. Today I am glad he didn’t listen to me. It doubled as a mighty fine carrier for beach paraphernalia.

Again, it was quite satisfying bypassing all the cars trying to get on the island. Today we even got a close up of the bridge going up. Coincidentally, it was at this point that a “gentleman” biked up behind us before strutting past us mumbling something about the fact that he was probably going to go faster than we were. I instructed Reed to stay tight on his @$$ at all costs. Which we did. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve got issues that way.


Relaxation mode. I finished my book. We then spent some time walking up and down the beach.


Hydrated with this. (The people next to us pulled out a bottle of wine…Yes. A bottle of wine. On the beach. In wine glasses. Is wine really a beach drink?) I looked later and they were all zonked out–head drooped down, chin on chest. I was more than slightly amused.


Dined in this evening. Delicious! Marinated tofu, chao cheese (this has rocked my world as of late), tomato, lettuce, a dollop of mushed up avocado, and a healthy squeeze of dijon mustard on a pretzel bun.

I’m also quite fond of the chips…Kettle brand cooked in 100% avocado and sprinkled with Himalayan Salt. Had a to go back for seconds of chips and tomatoes.


There was some Ben and Jerry’s waiting for me in the freezer for a nighttime snack, but I was way too full.

And now, as a bonus…Wednesday!

Creatures of habit, we began the day with a walk, but then we switched up the routine by dining at the Sage Biscuit, which I had remembered as being quite tasty when were down last year. We were even able to snag an outside table in the shade.

I started with a fruit cup…


and followed it up with a skillet breakfast…potatoes, black beans, tofu, corn, watery salsa, and a sickly colored guacamole. I ate half, but had no desire to bring the rest home with me. (You probably caught on to this by my less than tasty description of the salsa and guac. I couldn’t even make this visually appetizing by using a filter.)


We planned on spending the afternoon with both of my sisters, and one of my brother-in-laws, so we stayed close to home and spent the late morning, early afternoon by and in the pool.


Shortly after heading back to the camper to grab a quick shower, they arrived. We hung out talking and drinking. I enjoyed a couple of glasses of Moscato. I’m typically a red wine type of girl, but a warm Florida afternoon isn’t conducive to red wine in my book.

Then we headed off to The Bridge Tender for a late lunch/early dinner.

Here I am with my sisters. I am the bonus child in my family. (When I came along, my siblings were 10, 12 and 14.)


I had a frufru drink…


and pasta with veggies in wine sauce.


After stuffing ourselves to the gills, we headed back to the camper for more conversation before saying our goodbyes.

Later that evening, Reed and I indulged in a little Netflix action (The Office), and some ice cream. This is my ice cream. I don’t share. (Not quite as tasty as Snickerdoodle made with cashew milk, but very satisfying nonetheless.)

We finally made it to the episode where Jim and Pam connect. Remember the old days when you had to wait a week for another episode? Talk about a society with immediate gratification issues. Geez.


Before bed, I grabbed a couple of handfuls of nuts…


and then it was lights out.


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