Spring Break 2017 Part 2

I think my favorite aspect of vacation is the serious lack of schedule. I mean, no pressure to be somewhere at a certain time. No pressure to do anything. We just go with the flow. (BTW…kind of a big deal for us.) This is followed very closely by the ‘no shower until I am good and ready to take one’ aspect. And in a solid third place is the ‘no makeup, no curling iron, no straightener rule’. Heck. I even forgo the blow dryer. I go au naturale. (As does Reed…hee hee.)

Monday began with a walk with Quinn (and Reed). We are a mile from the beaches, so we walked over the bridge and took a stroll on the main drag before heading back over the bridge.


Typically Quinn is good for 3-4 mile morning walk. Let’s just say she is not acclimated. I’m thinking she probably is not a Florida dog. She was dragging butt by 2 1/2 miles. I began to worry that she was going to plop down and refuse to take another step and we’d have to carry her back. (Reed did well, however…just in case you were wondering.)

Chia oats were on the menu again this morning. Notice the different arrangement…proof that I am not recycling pictures. I believe the hubby is even developing an addiction. His bowls aren’t nearly as pretty as mine are though. Just saying.


After yesterday’s coffee fiasco, I decided to go the Lemon Goji Berry Tea route this morning. This is my all time favorite morning beverage. My coworkers lovingly call it my “special tea”, and often question what “special ingredients” I put in it.  The combo is unusual, but I am telling you this is so good. You need to give it a try.


After breakfast, and washing the dishes, we ditched the puppy (left her in the air conditioned camper listening to some contemporary Christian music). We jokingly talked about coming back to torn up pillows, the fridge door wide open, food all over the floor, and Quinn laying on the couch with a bottle of beer watching TV. (No worries…that didn’t happen. She doesn’t know how to use a bottle opener.)

We jumped on our bikes and explored Anna Maria Island. This is definitely the way to go! There is nothing quite as satisfying as passing car after car after car…yeah, you get the idea.


Once we got back, we hit the pool to cool down before showering (totally legal…it was well after noon). Then it was off to visit my recently retired sister and her husband, who live about an hour north of where we are staying.

We ate a late breakfast, and were planning on an early dinner, but I felt a smidge bit hungry, so I grabbed a snack for the drive up.



It was fun seeing her new digs. (And her, my brother-in-law, and nephew, too!) We toured around for a bit, reminiscing, catching up, and enjoying each other’s company. We stopped at the beach for a bit.


Then went to an open air restaurant overlooking the water. We saw some dolphins, but I was way too slow to get their picture. (Elvis was there too, but I’ll spare you any pictures.)

Dinner was relaxing. There is nothing better than watching boats as you enjoy a meal.


This was very refreshing.


This was a thai curry with vegetables. If you look reeaalllly close, you can see a few carrots. Yep. And that’s all that I am going to say about that.

After saying goodbye, we headed back and took Quinn for another walk. (And had a little treat before heading off to bed.)



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