Spring Beak 2017-A Daily Journal

24 hours ago I was shivering in drizzly, 35 degree Wisconsin.

And today?

FullSizeRender-4Well, today I’m a whole lot warmer. Today I am basking in the sun.

Reed picked me up at the airport in St. Petersburg late last night. He and Quinn (the puppy) left Thursday morning with the camper. (I had to do the whole work thing on Thursday and Friday.) Allegiant offers some very reasonable flights. I was not at all impressed, but I can’t really complain given the fact I did get some good reading in as I was squished between two people I had never met before! (And an adult book, BTW!)


By midnight we were to the camping resort.

Slept in late (Karen late).

Walked Quinn.


And then got down to making a serious breakfast…chia oats with all the fixings. Best of all? We ate outside.


This was not disappointing at all.


This, however, was. My handy Bialetti Moka Espress let me down. Typically this makes a pretty tasty espresso in short order. Froth a little nut milk and a latte is born. Not sure what went wrong. I’ll try again tomorrow.


Then it was time to find a beach. Which we did. It is Florida after all. The water was beautiful! And the beach was somewhat peaceful.

Since one of us isn’t very good at relaxing in the sun, we strolled up and down the beach. After a couple of hours, I was getting mighty hungry, so we revisited one of our favorite restaurants from last year, The Ugly Grouper, on our way back to the resort.

We started with fresh salsa and chips (and there may or may not have been a couple of alcoholic beverages that were inhaled too fast for a photo op).


Black bean burger for me.


This was heavenly! I think it must have been the spicy mango salsa! The fries? Meh. I was too full to eat them anyway.

Then we headed back to the camping resort where we lounged outside on the patio reading and chatting, before taking a dip in the pool.

After a shower, we headed out to do a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods. It was late, but I needed a little something to tide me over to breakfast.


This was quite tasty…hummus, veggies, and a pita.


And who can resist vegan chocolate chip cookies? Certainly not I!

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