Bring Back the Lentils

Remember January of 2015? You know, when I declared January the month of the lentil, and then went crazy posting lentil recipes?

Well, guess what?

I’ve got another recipe for you.

This recipe is life changing. (Well, okay, maybe not life changing.)

And it comes with a story. A funny story. What a bonus!

I’ve been making this pretty much on a weekly basis ever since I discovered the recipe this past November. (An excellent indicator of yumminess.) I couldn’t wait to make them for my youngest when she was home for winter break. (She has some “issues with tomatoes”, but was eager to give these a try.)

After being tantalized by the smell for what seemed like forever, it was finally time.

I watched eagerly as she placed some kale in the bottom of a bowl, and then scooped up the lentils (she didn’t even avoid the tomatoes).

She dug in.

“These are really spicy!”

“Alli. They are not spicy. There is nothing spicy about any of the ingredients.” (This of course is my child who in addition to having “tomato texture issues” proclaims a lot of non-spicy foods as being spicy.)

As I was launching into all the reasons it was not spicy, I took a bite.”


She wasn’t kidding.

Note to self: Do not use tomatoes with zesty jalepenos unless you like a lot of kick to your lentils.



Smoky Tomato Lentils in Coconut Milk


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