A Milk by Any Other Name

Apparently some people are a little bent out of shape over the labeling of nut milks. They want the FDA to require plant based products to be called something other than milk. (Their moms must not have told them that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.)

Personally, I think it probably has a whole lot to do with money. (As in somebody is no longer making as much money because people aren’t buying their product.)

I for one have not been fooled by the milk name. I know that my almond milk is not actually from a cow. Ditto for my cashew milk. I’m pretty sure the cows are well aware of this as well.

Soooo…that got me to thinking…what should we call it?

We could get all fancy and call it nut mylk. But honestly, I’m not a fan. As a teacher, that would make me feel anxious, as it would remind me of the multitude of spellings for a name that no matter how it is spelled is pronounced the same, even if you are tempted to say it differently because the spelling is weird.

We could call it nut juice. Yeah. No. Wrong.

I guess for now, I’m just going to call it delicious. Especially if it’s homemade.

So go ahead. Make a bottle of deliciousness for yourself. You will not regret it.

Watch this video for a quick tutorial:

Almond Milk

1 c. raw almonds (soak in water overnight and then drain and rinse)

4 c. water

2-3 dates

1 t. vanilla

pinch of salt


Place almonds and water in a high speed blender. Blend until you can’t see any pieces of almonds. Strain using a nut milk bag. Pour into a bowl, using a nut milk bag to strain out the almond pulp. Rinse out the blender. After squeezing out all the liquid from the nut milk bag, pour the milk back into the blender. Add dates, vanilla, salt, and cinnamon. Blend again until well blended. Strain one more time. Put in a glass jar and put in the refrigerator.


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