Living in the Moment and a Simple Recipe

Well, my intentions were good. A two week vacation should have afforded me plenty of blogging opportunities. (Especially since we were driving from Wisconsin to Maine and back.)



Maybe I should blame the course I took this summer: Mindfulness for Educators. I could say I was doing such a great job of living in the moment, I just couldn’t spend time writing.

At any rate, it just didn’t happen. But I’m okay with that, because truth be told, this is going down as one of my all time favorite vacations.

The beginning was a little sad…


We delivered Alli back to Binghamton for her senior year of college. Actually, she drove herself. We just followed. I would have ridden with her and helped her drive, but she has this thing about country music. I have no idea where that came from.

(Notice the tell tale sunglasses…)

After drying my tears, we drove up to the Boston area, where we set up camp. The next day, we explored the city via The Freedom Trail (which I highly recommend)…


All you have to do is follow the brick trail through the city! No map required! How cool is that?!



I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Bunker Hill Memorial. Now I do. My left quad hurt for days afterward, as we climbed all the way to the top to take in the views of the city. (And to say we did it. Kinda felt like it was a challenge.)



Enjoyed this when we finished! It was absolutely perfect as it was an incredibly hot and humid day!


The next day, we drove over to Cape Cod where we found a bike trail with amazing views…


And I found a great place for vegan food! (Missing is the chocolate chip cookie I ate before my meal was delivered. I was on vacation after all.)



Of course we also had to check out Plymouth Rock.


After a couple of days, we headed further north to Maine, where we spent a few days relaxing…



and sightseeing.

Kennebunkport was pretty amazing! The houses were beautiful and the town was very quaint.


And then it was time to head up to Acadia for some more biking…


We thoroughly enjoyed the carriage roads in the park. Reed even resorted to a little map reading (kind of a big deal)…


I used EVERY SINGLE GEAR on my bike. You do the math.



We also did some hiking…


Some trails were dog friendly…some not so much.


I’m not sure I would even call this particular trail people friendly. I don’t know how many times I uttered a profanity. I have a very healthy fear of heading down mountains. I much prefer going up. Really.


Good thing I had this incredible breakfast to fuel me up!


The final leg of our journey took us to Lake Placid where we visited with our son Logan, and his girlfriend Sarah. (They are spending the summer as counselors at a local camp.) We went hiking on their day off.


The next day, our final day of hiking, was not as sunny, but the views were breathtaking nonetheless!


And this is what a puppy looks like after a 10 mile hike!


Evening glasses of wine…




Best vacation ever. (Sorry kids.)

And now since you made it to the end…a wonderfully refreshing”recipe” for you to enjoy.

Keep in mind, it’s nothing too fancy or complicated-just frozen strawberries and coconut water in a blender cup. Hardly a recipe, really.




Strawberry Slushy

Serves one

1 1/2 c. frozen strawberries

coconut water (The amount totally depends on your desired slushiness. I use enough to almost cover the berries.)

Place berries and coconut water in the blender and blend away. Yep. That’s all there is to it.


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