Waiting for Wisdom

“With age comes wisdom…”

Not sure who said it, but since I’ll be 50 next year, I kinda like this quote (or at least the first four words). I simply cannot wait to be wise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have figured out a few things along the way: marriage, child rearing, teaching, nutrition. (Not saying I’m an expert…just saying experience has provided some excellent opportunities for learning.)

Yet there is a component of life I struggle to consistently demonstrate wisdom.


And it’s certainly not from lack of information; each day I’m inundated with the opinions of those who claim to be experts in the field. But who can I trust? Who can provide me with the correct information? I just want somebody to tell me how many days a week I need to exercise, for how long, and how intense. That’s all. I really don’t think I’m asking for too much. (Oh, and I don’t want to be injured. That’s really important to me.)

But let’s get real. I know who the expert is. I know who I need to listen to…

***awkward pause***

it’s me. Yep. Yours truly.

And lest you think I am a complete imbecile, I feel it’s probably in my best interest to let you know that I have made some progress…

I understand that exercise should benefit my health, not destroy it.

I know that exercising to make your insides healthy > exercising for outward appearance.

And that device that tells me how fast I’ve run, how far I’ve run, and how many calories I’ve burned? It’s not evil. It’s merely providing information. It’s only when that information is used inappropriately that it becomes dangerous.


And running is not the only form of exercise that “counts”. Yoga is exercise. Biking is exercise. Hiking is exercise. Walking the dog is exercise. Therefore, a day including yoga and two walks with the dog really isn’t a rest day. And a body needs rest. Especially an “almost 50 year old” body.




Despite this wealth of knowledge, there are days I struggle to believe what my body telling me. My body and brain are not always in sync. I’m really looking forward to the two reconciling. Once they share an understanding, they should get along just fine.



2 thoughts on “Waiting for Wisdom

  1. Beautiful pic of you and your doggie by the water…where is that? Hope you are having a great summer. Mine has been spent with the grandkids mostly, so I am a bit tired….but loving every min


    1. Good to hear from you, Patti! I’m right with you…I have no complaints about summer…none at all.

      The picture was taken in the Lake Placid area of New York. An absolutely beautiful area for hiking!

      Thanks so much for the comment…I love the interaction!


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