What If…

What if you focused on the miracle of your body, rather than your outward appearance? Could you accept yourself if the image in the mirror did not meet the standards of our thinness obsessed society? If you did not have a thigh gap? If your bones did not protrude? But you felt healthy and strong?

What if you could actually see how the food you ate affected your body? Would you be willing to forgo items packaged in plastic and cardboard and foil, even if it wasn’t convenient? Would you steer clear of additives and preservatives, even if it took more effort? 

What if you looked at ingredient labels instead of calorie counts? Could you eat guilt free knowing you were providing your body with the nutrients it needed to thrive? Would you allow yourself to snack on a banana slathered in almond butter, and a green smoothie rather than a 100 calorie pack of crackers, sugar free, fat free yogurt and a diet Coke?

What if you listened to your body? Really listened. Would you rest when you were tired? Could  you forgo or alter a workout if you felt rundown? Would you stop trying to do it all? Could you just be still, and allow yourself to discover spirituality and peace?

What if the size of your clothes and the number on the scale were simply numbers, and not your identity?  Would you you feel worthy of being loved, even if your body was not ‘perfect’?

What if you believed that your health entailed more than calories taken in and calories expended?  Would you no longer focus on food? Could you put your Fitbit in a drawer? Would you be able to live more freely? Would you allow others to know you? Would you love yourself more?






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