And Then There Was Kale

I eat a lot of kale.





On my Portobella Burger.


In my Flat Bread.


In my Tofu Scramble.


Topped with “Crack” Sauce.


Steamed. With nutritional yeast and liquid aminos.


Sometimes it finds its way into my Overnight Oats.


Or in my bowl.


Sometimes it even finds its way into my “shakes”.


But last Sunday, I wasn’t feeling any of these. And I was feeling a bit guilty. I know that eating my leafy greens are a sure fire way of adding a ton of nutrients, like vitamins A, K, and C to my day. Plus, kale is high in antioxidants. And it raises good cholesterol, while lowering bad cholesterol.

What’s there not to love about kale? (And if you just said, “the taste”, stop being so sassy.)

But again, I wasn’t feeling it at all. I was actually craving something crunch and salty. Like maybe some potato chips. And then it hit me.

Time to make some kale chips! And that’s just what I did. Whole food, plant based junk food at its best. And I bet once you taste these, you’ll be rethinking the whole “kale doesn’t taste good” thing.

Best of all, there really isn’t a “recipe” so to speak. Simply:

get out some kale, remove the stalks, tear it into bite size pieces, and give them a good rinse.


Pat dry with a paper towel. Throw them in a bowl, drizzle some olive oil and sprinkle on some sea salt. Massage well, making sure every piece gets a nice coat.


Place on a baking sheet in a single layer.


Bake at 400 degrees until they get crispy. This usually takes about 10-15 minutes. Don’t rush the process. These are yummy when crisp. If you are going to take them out of the oven before they are ready, they will be chewy. Nobody likes a chewy kale chip.


Finally, place in a bowl and enjoy!


Now if you are feeling really adventuresome, you can sprinkle additional seasonings on with the salt. Personally, I am found of a little nutritional yeast, but garlic powder and onion powder are pretty delish too. I am also tempted to massage a little hot sauce on as well, but I haven’t yet tried that.

Happy snacking!

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