‘Twas a Run Before Christmas

‘Twas a Run Before Christmas

In the style of Clement Clarke Moore


‘Twas a run before Christmas, and all over town,

Not a sidewalk was shoveled, I feared falling down;

The roads were all covered with salt laden slush,

Navigation would be slow, I knew I couldn’t rush.


Darkness was looming, ‘though it was just after four,

I laced my Sauconys and hurried out the door;

I adjusted my headband and pulled on my gloves,

There wasn’t an accessory I hadn’t thought of.


The driveway was covered with fresh fallen snow,

The onset of twilight cast a wintery glow;

I gazed at the heavens, took a breath of fresh air,

Smiled to myself, and said a quick prayer.


Hastening out to the street, prepared for my run,

In just over an hour, I knew I’d be done;

Large flakes of snow drifted down from the sky,

I stuck out my tongue, but got hit in the eye.


I started out slowly, not wanting to fall,

As one careless step would conclude in a sprawl;

I was grateful to locate a track on the street,

To provide a reliable path for my feet.


Several blocks later, I settled into my pace,

I began to relax, I sensed no need to race;

My mind started to wander, I felt quite content,

Reflecting upon the true meaning of Advent.


Rounding a corner, I jogged past a school,  

Decorations gave hint to the upcoming Yule;

Snowflakes and reindeer, Santa in his sleigh,

Snowmen and snow forts–signs of children at play.


I turned to the east, headed down toward the lake,

Enamored by the beauty of every snowflake;

Gazing over the water, I noticed a light,

Providing a beacon in the darkness of night.


Enveloped in silence, I heard not a sound,

‘cept the squeak of the snow, as my shoes met the ground;

The tranquil surroundings filled my body with peace,

Affording my mind a much needed release.


Multi-colored lights adorned bushes and trees,

While white sparkling icicles hung from the eaves;

An excessive display overwhelmed a front yard,

The gaudiness of which I could not disregard.


Snowmen in snow globes, Mickey and Minnie mouse,

Penguins in stocking hats, Snoopy atop his house;

A “heavenly” choir singing “O Holy Night”,

Monstrous canes of candy, striped in red and white.


I entered a park with less than a mile to go,

The majestic old oaks were laden with snow;

Darkness engulfed me, but my fears did allay,

Moonbeams parted the clouds, and guided my way.


‘Twas then I saw it, out the corner of my eye,

The meaning of Christmas, this object did imply;

Nestled away in the far corner of a yard,

Was a symbol I held in the highest regard.


A stable, a manger, surrounded by hay,

And in that rustic manger, a sweet baby lay;

A bright twinkling star shone from Heaven above,

Reminding us all that Christmas is love.


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