Writing is My Therapy

Back in September,  I began teaching the first writing unit of the year-narratives. I always write alongside my students as they progress through each unit, making sure I use the strategies I am teaching. Not only does this require me to better understand the skills they are required to use, but it reminds me of the frustrations they may encounter in their writing.

Last year I wrote about my miserable marathon experience.

This year, my dad passed away at the beginning of the school year. The pain was pretty fresh when I first began teaching how to ‘generate ideas to write about’. I didn’t know if writing about it would be a good idea. But I decided to practice what I preach. And what I preach is the importance  of writing about something that makes you feel, something you feel passionate about.

I also preach that writing can be good therapy.

So today, exactly two months after my dad’s passing, I am sharing the narrative I wrote: Because I Don’t Want to Forget. And once again, I am reminded that writing is my favorite kind of therapy.






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