I Know What You Can Make for Breakfast Tomorrow


Looks delicious, yes?

They were. I’d even go so far as to say they were beyond delicious.

I hate to brag, but this was just my first attempt at making vegan french toast. I never could wrap my head around making french toast without eggs. What did I know? Those little cashews certainly have a way of working their magic. Or maybe it’s the chia seeds. Aw, who cares who gets the credit. The point is, these were incredibly easy to whip up. Plus, they didn’t require much in the way of cleanup. Bonus. And did I mention they were delicious? And healthy? Double bonus.

And what a perfect time for you to try these, because A.) it’s the weekend, B.) the nasty bird flu has driven up egg prices, and C.) factory farm chickens need your support. (You can read more about that here if you so choose…don’t want to get all “vegan preachy” on you if you aren’t ready to hear it.)

You wouldn’t even need to tell anyone they were vegan. At least not until after they raved about how yummy they were.

Then you could hit them with “healthy” aspect. Nobody wants to hear something is healthy before trying it. (Well, I do, and there are probably more of you out there that would agree, but most people don’t.) Kinda gives their tastebuds the impression that what they will be eating will taste like tree bark.


Dreena Burton’s Cinnamon French Toast 

I used black chia seeds, and quick soaked my cashews using boiling water!


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