Not Exactly What I Had Planned

I’m almost a full week into my summer vacation! A week ago, I was fantasizing about this week. I had visions of waking early, and heading out for a run, or biking to the Y to lift. I couldn’t wait to be greeted by this beautiful sight each morning.


After my workout, I’d make a cup of Goji Lemon Tea, before hopping in the shower. (I don’t actually hop in the shower. It’s just a figure of speech.)

My morning “get ready for the day” routine would be minimal. I’d still shave my legs, ‘cuz that’s just gross, but the blowdryer, curling iron and straightener would be on hiatus. As would makeup (although exceptions would be made for products designed to take 20 years off of my “almost 48 year old” skin…you know, moisturizer and sunscreen).

I’d head back downstairs for my cup of tea, which would now be at the perfect sipping temperature. And I’d ponder life.

Or at the very least, I’d ponder breakfast. And then I would leisurely make it, and take pictures of it. (If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you really should. I take great pictures of food.)

After breakfast, and the subsequent cleanup, I would write. I’d grab my laptop and sit on the front porch. A cool breeze would blow through my damp hair. The birds would be chirping. An occasional runner or walker would pass by. I’d smile. (Okay, smirk…”I got my workout in, I got my workout in.”) If you didn’t read that with a sing-songy little voice, go back and try again.

After a solid couple hours of writing, I’d take a break. Perhaps I’d make myself an iced latte.


I’d revise and edit what I had written, as any ELA teacher worth their weight would do, and by 10, 11 at the latest, I’d be hitting the publish button.

The good life.

Unfortunately, that’s not how the week went down.

Before I get all whiny on you, I should let you know that my vacation really did get off to a great start!

Last Saturday, all three kids were home (which sadly, has become a rarity), so we headed to Door County for the day. This is a long standing Hovie tradition, which has gotten to be a whole lot more fun now that most of us can partake in wine tasting. (Sorry, Alli.)

Our trek began with a stop at The Inn at Cedar Crossing in Sturgeon Bay for some morning buns. Unless you’re vegan. Then you savored their delicious toast with homemade PB and Door County Cherry Jam.


This provided fuel for our bike ride through Peninsula State Park. We skipped climbing the tower this year, as it has been CLOSED for safety reasons. Uh…just climbed it last month…yikes! (Which was when this picture was taken.)


Afterwards, we stopped at Wilson’s for ice cream, then up to Sister Bay for our annual “Pro-Am Celebrity Memorial Hovie Mini Golf Tournament”. My oldest “broadcasted”. Nice to know the club is dual purpose. Sorry you only get a still version, and not the whole live show. She is a stitch. A bit sassy, but a stitch nonetheless. That is my husband “video bombing” in the background.


Sunday we celebrated my in-laws 65th wedding anniversary!


Later in the afternoon, we drove our middle born (the tall kid on the right) to Milwaukee en route to his summer job at a camp in Lake Placid, where he would meet up with his GF.

Here I am with my “hide the tears” glasses after dropping him off. Now don’t get me wrong,  I don’t want him home all summer. I’m VERY happy he is gainfully employed. It’s just that I’m a mom, and this is what mom’s do. Or at least it’s what this mom does.


Then, bright and early Monday morning, the newest Hovie got dropped off at the vet for “a little ACL surgery”. This is what she looked like when we picked her up the next day. (Minus her stuffed squirrel.) Her left back leg looks like a chicken wing. Poor baby.


She is suppose to be still for 2 weeks. I thought about teaching her how to read to help pass the time, but she has shown no interest.

I wound up spending some time at school, even though I swore I wouldn’t.

And I cleaned up my son’s bedroom BECAUSE I COULDN’T STAND LOOKING AT IT. I think he leaves it messy so I won’t miss him.

I also had some time to experiment with a couple of recipes, but they still need some tweaking. Here’s attempt #1 at Chana Masala. Tasty, but need to get some exact measurements on the spices.


And a little donut action…


My test subjects weren’t so sure about them at first, but by the time they polished off their second donuts, they were thinking they were pretty good.

I also picked up my first CSA box of the season. That’s always exciting!


Which brings me to today.

Today I was out running by 5:37…

and sipping a soy latte by 8:10. (I bribed the youngest child by taking her to the new coffee shoppe in town…The Timshel Cafe. She accompanied me to Quinn’s 7:40 laser treatment. Quinn’s the dog, BTW.)

Breakfast was served by 9:00. And by served, I mean made.


And by noon I was writing. Inside. It was raining.


I was sipping my Goji Lemon Tea, though.


Close enough.






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