The Best Cashew Shake Ever (Or as I like to call it…the BCSE…I’m all about the acronyms.)


Every so often, I get this inspiration to throw a bunch of frozen bananas in a blender with a little nut milk, and some nut butter. Sometimes the result is good, and sometimes the result is mind blowing delicious. This was mind blowing delicious.

I may have mentioned previously that I love nut milk. I even love making nut milk. (You can read about how to do that here, if you are so inclined. It’s really kind of fun. All you need is a blender and a nut milk bag. And nuts, of course.)

This time I didn’t  make my own nut milk. GASP! I was at the grocery store, and became intrigued by Silk’s cashew milk. So I bought some. Now I have never met a nut milk that I didn’t like, so it was not a surprise that I liked it, but this was more than like. This was a “I became obsessed with it” kind of like. It was so incredibly creamy!

So, last night, as I was eating dinner, I began thinking about dessert. I tend to do that. Thoughts of dessert lead me to banana ice cream. My freezer was well stocked with frozen bananas.IMG_1132

Then I thought about the cashew milk.


Which in turn lead me to thinking about the cashew nut butter in the cupboard.


At this point I could barely focus on finishing dinner. Which, BTW, I also knocked out of the ball park…stir fried some carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and red cabbage and then threw them on some udon noodles, and drizzled (drenched) it all with a spicy peanut sauce.


I digress.

Anyway…I finished eating and headed to the kitchen, threw everything in a blender cup, and 5 minute later I was in ecstasy. Seriously. The Honey instantly became jealous, asked me what I was eating, and promptly headed into the kitchen and made his own cashew shake (although he used cacao powder for a chocolatey version). Yep, there we were…sitting on the couch in the living room eating ice cream. Absolutely scandalous.

You must try this. You will not be disappointed.

The Best Cashew Shake on the Face of the Earth

2 frozen bananas (I keep banana pieces in the freezer at all times. Not exaggerating.)

3/4 c. cashew milk (Maybe a little more, maybe a little less…your call.)

1-2 T. cashew butter

1-2 T. cacao powder (optional)

a few cashews to sprinkle on top

1-2 T. mini chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life brand)

Throw bananas, cashew milk, cashew butter and optional cashew butter in cup size blender. I often add banana a few chunks at a time…makes it easier to blend. Blend. Put in a pretty cup. I love my stainless steel cups! Sprinkle with cashews and chocolate chips.

And I hate to state the obvious, but if your shake is too thin, use more frozen bananas. If your shake is too thick (I really don’t feel this is possible. Ever.), add more milk.


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