Chocolate and Peanut Butter is the Answer (And I Don’t Care What the Question Is)

There are days that require chocolate.

And there are days that require peanut butter.

And then there are days that require chocolate and peanut butter.

Today was definitely one of those days.

And that’s kinda weird, because “those days” typically have something to do with the size of the moon. Or on days of “socials” (You remember 6th grade socials, don’t you?) Or on days leading up to Christmas vacation, or Spring vacation. Or the entire week before school gets out for the summer.

So what was up with the weirdness today? I’m not really sure, but there definitely was a lot of it going around.

On the bright side, I was reminded of how incredibly fortunate I am to work with people I truly enjoy being around!

So much so, that when one of those people has a bad day, I want to make them feel better. (Believe it or not, I didn’t even win the “I’m having the worst day” award today.)

At any rate, is it wrong that food is my answer to a bad day?

I didn’t think so. Especially when the food not only encourages emotional well being (because it’s peanut butter and chocolate, silly), but it’s also guaranteed to make you feel better physically. ‘Cuz it’s made with a lot of good stuff!

Look what I’ll be sharing with some of my favorite people tomorrow!

There's nothing wrong with these little bundles of deliciousness!
Little bundles of deliciousness!
Throw everything in your food processor...
And they are super simple to make. Throw everything in your food processor…
and process!
Add a little water, and process a bit longer.
Add a little water, and process a bit longer.
Roll into balls!
Roll into balls!
Sample one. You'd hate to share something that didn't taste good.
Sample one. You’d hate to share something that didn’t taste good.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownie Bites

(recipe from Katie Higgins of ChocolateCoveredKatie)

1/2 c. old fashioned oats

1/2 c. peanut butter (I use peanut butter that consists of peanuts. That’s all. Just peanuts.)

2 T. cacao powder

1 t. vanilla

1/2 c. dates (pits removed…and the softer, the better)

1-2 T. water

a handful of mini chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life brand)

Place all ingredients in food processor EXCEPT for the water and chocolate chips. Process until “crumby”. Then add enough water to make it stick together (squeeze some  and see if it sticks). Stir in chocolate chips if desired. Put dough into a large baggie and squeeze into a big ball. Break off pieces and roll into balls. I managed to get 18 balls. Store in plastic container in the fridge.


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