This Really Happened!

Somedays I think about food when I’m working out. Is that a problem?

And today, I was specifically thinking about all the yummy leftovers I had from the Super Bowl party we went to.

I had a tiny bit of Horchata. (Which I’ve been referencing as my “hooch”…kinda catchy, don’t ya think?)

Then there was a couple of leftover “Betterfinger Bars”. You know…Butterfingers, only made with all nutrient dense ingredients.


I was truly inspired and could hardly wait to get home.

All I needed was a couple of frozen bananas. Which, as you know, I have a ton of in the freezer at any given moment.

So…yeah. This really happened.


I’m feeling proud of myself that I was able to hold off until after I ate supper.

“Betterfinger Hooch” Shake

2 bananas (broken into chunks and frozen)

1/2 c. hooch

1/4 c. Betterfinger bars (broken into bite size pieces) I used date sugar when I made these. Hence the darker color.

Place bananas and hooch into an individual size blender cup. Blend away. Pour into a fancy cup. Add Betterfinger bars. Mix if you are so inclined. Eat. I’m pretty sure this would taste phenomenal with any type of candy bar. But the Betterfingers were not only delish, but healthy as well. Win. Win. Win.


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