Best. Beverage. Ever.

One of my favorite “go to” restaurants is a local Mexican eatery. I’ve become quite addicted to their veggie fajitas. (Not to mention the fact that the guacamole is quite scrumptious, as is the pico de gallo. There’s just something about fresh cilantro…yum!)

But the real pièce de résistance use to be the creamy, decadent goodness, delivered to the table, in a cute, little shot glass, at the completion of each meal. Mmmm….sweet and nutty…it even had a “chewiness” factor…little chunks of almonds, I believe. To die for.

Anyway, when I stopped eating and drinking all things dairy, I no longer took part in this delicious ending to the meal. I mean, there was no way this could be anything but dairy. Hence the “use to be” in the previous paragraph.

Now before you go getting all sad for me, allow me to fast forward a couple of years.

Last week, on the advice of a good friend, I ordered this phenomenal cookbook:

Sassy, but filled with mouth watering recipes!
Sassy, but filled with mouth watering recipes!

I was browsing through the pages, salivating over every single recipe, when suddenly, I came across a recipe for Creamy Horchata! This sound suspiciously like the magical little drink from my favorite Mexican restaurant! (With the exception of no alcohol…but hey, I knew I could easily remedy that oversight!)

I couldn’t wait to give it a try…


As luck would have it, I had everything I needed. So, I gathered the ingredients…brown rice, almonds and a cinnamon stick…and placed them in a jar with 4 cups of water.


I let them sit on the counter overnight.


The next morning, after I got home from church, I threw everything into the Ninja, added a smidge of maple syrup and blended away! My husband looked on, with great curiosity.


Once the cinnamon stick disappeared, I called it good!


Then, I poured the mixture into a nut milk bag, and squeezed. (I think I’m pretty cool doing this…much like milking a cow, I’m sure.)


Doesn’t it look beautiful?!

Pour back into the jar and add 1 cup of Kahlua!

I then poured the concoction back into the jar and added 1 cup of Kahlúa!

We taste tested this before heading off to the Y. Best. Workout. In. A. Long. Time!

We taste tested this before heading off to the Y.

Best. Workout. In. A. Long. Time! Coincidence? I think not.

I brought this along to the Super Bowl party we went to Sunday night. It was well received! Very well received, indeed. You need to give this a try!


Based on a recipe from the Thug Kitchen cookbook.

(makes 5 cups)

2/3 cup raw almonds

1 cup brown rice

1 cinnamon stick

4 cups water

1 T. maple syrup

1 cup Kahlúa

Put almonds, rice, cinnamon stick and water in a large glass jar. Let sit overnight. Then blend in a high speed blender along with the maple syrup. Strain through a nut milk bag. Pour back into glass jar and add Kahlúa. Shake. Pour over ice.


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