Feeling Under the Weather (or Ice Cream for Breakfast)

For the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve been riding a wellness high. I’ve felt so healthy that I think have gotten a bit overconfident. Obviously somebody thought I needed a “subtle” reminder that I am just as susceptible to maladies as other mere mortals.

Last week, when I started feeling “not quite right”, I did what any intelligent person would do.

I refused to slow down. I didn’t attempt to get more sleep, I didn’t cut back on my workouts. I kept plugging along in my daily life. I didn’t take a day to lie low and restore myself back to health.

Curious about how well that worked out for me? Well, I’ll tell you.  Yesterday I woke up feeling the worst I have felt in a long, long time. (The fact that my girls headed back to school yesterday morning had very little to do with this BTW.)

Talk about a rude awakening.

Tears came to my eyes whenever I tried to swallow. I felt like I was going to choke on the phlegm that accumulated at the back of my throat. (You’re very welcome! )

My response?

Resort to medicine…the best false sense of “I’m feeling better” ever invented. My connotation of medicine has never been good. For some reason, I equate it to weakness. However, I felt so incredibly horrible,  I gave in.

A little Dayquil and I was ready to face the world.

Workout at the Y. Grocery shop. Put away Christmas dishes. Do  laundry. Vacuum carpet. Steam clean floors. Rearrange a bedroom. Make soup.

I stayed “under the influence” all day long. And by nighttime, I still felt HORRIBLE. Shocking, isn’t it?

So, as I sit here today, wrapped in my blanket, sipping on my tea, I think I have learned a few valuable lessons. And because I just can’t help myself, I will share my knowledge with you. (Despite the fact that I am sure you already know this. I don’t know why I am such a slow learner.)

1. Eating healthy make you less likely to get sick. (Notice: not impossible to get sick…BIG difference here, my friends.)

2. Ignoring not feeling well will catch up with you.

3. Medicine is not evil.

4. Letting medicine lull you into a false sense of feeling better so you go about your normal day is evil.

4. Banana ice cream makes everything better.

(Now, before you say you don’t like the taste of bananas, stop. I don’t know why, but banana is not the predominant taste. Magical I tell you, magical.)

Frozen bananas
Frozen banana…you can never have too many frozen bananas around the house.


Blend until broken down into tiny pieces.
Blend until broken down into tiny pieces.
Add enough almond milk to get things going.
Add enough almond milk to get things going. I think this is such a miracle…
Ice cream for breakfast!
Ice cream for breakfast! Complete with some chocolate sauce!


The best part? You don’t have to have a sore throat to make this. It’s good even without a sore throat. Better even!

Banana Ice Cream

2-3 frozen bananas (I break each banana into 5-6 pieces before freezing)

splash of almond milk

Place bananas in a high speed blender. Blend until broken down. Add enough milk to get the blender moving. Stop every so often to scrape down sides and reposition bananas near the blades.

And, if you want a little Chocolate Drizzle

1 T. maple syrup (room temperature)

1 t. cacao powder

a smidge of water

Mix maple syrup and cacao powder together until bumps are gone. Add water to desired thickness.

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