“Feelin’ Green” Vegan Overnight Oats

In order to simplify my life a little in the mornings, I have transitioned to making overnight oats! And this, by the way, is a total vanity thing. I had layers put in my hair and have been curling it. This takes much more time than straightening it. So…this is my feeble attempt to gain some time in the morning, because unless I’m getting up for an early morning run, I struggle to get up before 5:30. Vegan overnight oats allow me to throw everything into a cup the night before,  and then magically, breakfast is ready in the morning. I LOVE overnight oats!!

And sometimes…when I’m feeling like I need more green in my life…this happens. I think I need to remind you that YOU DON’T TASTE THE SPINACH. Really. Doubting me? Try it yourself! How awesome is it to get your daily amount of leafy greens in at breakfast? What a way to start the day!

Old fashioned oats and chia seeds...
Old fashioned oats and chia seeds…
I love the texture!
I love the texture!
Almond milk, banana and spinach...
Almond milk, banana and spinach…and this week I even threw in a little spirulina…living life on the wild side, I am!
Give it a whirl in the blender...
Give it a whirl in the blender…
Pour the green stuff on top of the oatmeal/chia mixture...
Pour the green stuff on top of the oatmeal/chia mixture…and tuck away in the refrigerator overnight.
Ta Da....magic!
And the next morning…Ta Da….magic! It thickens right up!
Sprinkle with unsweetened coconut flakes and walnuts!
I put it into the microwave for a minute to take the chill off, and then sprinkle with unsweetened coconut flakes and walnuts!


“Feelin’ Green” Vegan Overnight Oats

1/3 c. old fashioned oats

2 T. chia seeds

1 c. almond milk

1 banana

a couple of handfuls of spinach

1/2 – 1 t. spirulina (I don’t suggest adding this your first time…spirulina, which has phenomenal health benefits, tastes like…uhm pond water. Start off slowly with this!)


Put oatmeal and chia seeds in a container. Place almond milk, banana, spinach (and optional spirulina) in a blender cup and blend away until the spinach is completely blended. Pour this concoction on top of the oatmeal mixture. Stir. Cover. Put in refrigerator. The next morning your oatmeal is ready to be eaten. Microwave for a minute or so if you like it warm. Sprinkle goodies of your choice on top. I’m partial to walnuts and unsweetened coconut flakes!

Are there any foods that you enjoy that freak other people out? I brought this to school one day last year, and uhm…well, I didn’t have any “takers” to try it…some people have no sense of adventure!

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