The End of Summer

Well, I knew it was coming. It was just a matter of time. The reality is…Summer. Is. Over. I’ve been living in this blissful state of denial, not allowing myself to think about that reality. But this weekend, I’ve had a lot of thinking time, as I’ve been all by myself. The girls went back to school weeks ago, as they both play volleyball. And now my husband is taking my son, who arrived home from camp only days ago, to  Washington D.C, where he will be interning and attending school for the upcoming semester. And I am home, because tomorrow, I go back to school. This alone time has given me the opportunity to figure out what exactly I am going to miss about summer. This is what I came up with:

Taking Time to Make Food (and take pix of it)-I can’t tell you how many meals I staged this summer! And how many pictures I took of the creation of the meals. I really enjoyed the whole process. Unless, of course, I was starving. Then I just wanted to eat it. My photography skills are still somewhat primitive, but I am making progress.

Rather proud of this picture. Unfortunately, it took some serious coaching by daughter #1 to achieve the final result! BTW this was a delicious raw dessert! Chocolate Coco Mint Bars from This Rawsome Vegan Life.

Smoothies-I have developed an obsession this summer. I even bought this book:


I have pretty much been having one everyday…and there hasn’t been a bad one yet. I never thought I would spend money on a recipe book for smoothies (‘cuz really, how hard is it to throw a bunch of fruit in a blender?). But I am so glad I did! The combinations are so creative…and delicious!

hemp seeds + soy milk + blueberries + frozen banana + acai = super blue recharge
soy milk + chia seeds + hemp seeds + frozen mango + frozen banana + kale + pumpkin seeds = seed you at the gym
frozen strawberries + lime juice + frozen banana + coconut water = fresh start strawberry lime frostie
kale + avocado + frozen banana + soy milk + pumpkin seeds + agave + cayenne = green gusto

And now that summer is over, my smoothie lunches are over. Unless I can figure out how to make one at school….hmmm….too bad the blender makes so much noise! And my dorm size refrigerator doesn’t have a decent freezer.

Biking to the Y-I loved that I had the time to bike to the Y to lift weights. I always thought it was silly to get in my car and drive to workout! I would take the long way so I could go enjoy the beauty and serenity of Riverside Park, the Neenah Harbor and the  mansions on Wisconsin Avenue. Lots of joggers and bikers frequent this area. And it just feels so peaceful.

Reading Karen Books-Karen books would be books that I just want to read! Here are my summer reads:


Writing for Me-I would usually spend my morning workouts thinking about what I would blog about. And then, I would spend the rest of my morning writing. I feel so grateful to have developed the discipline to write on a regular basis. I really feel like I have rediscovered my passion for writing. And what’s better yet? I am switching jobs (I like to say that I have finally graduated from elementary school), so I am off to the middle school to teach Language Arts! I keep thinking about the teachers who have impacted my life, and they all have one commonality: their passion! I hope to be the teacher to ignite the passion for writing in my students!

My Kids-Most importantly, my kids. I truly enjoy hanging out with my kids! When you are in the midst of raising a family, you can’t even fathom a time when the kids will be gone. And now that’s my reality. They are all back to school. I go through this horrible transition when they leave, and I have to say good-bye. I hate goodbyes. Family joke is that I always wear my sunglasses when dropping them off or when they leave. Hides the tears.  Then I usually spend a day crying whenever I go past their bedrooms. Two days out, I’m feeling pretty good. It always helps to know they are happy and healthy, and living their dreams!

So, that’s what I’m going to miss about summer.



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