A Tofu Eating Vegan Marathoner…Is That a Bad Thing?

Last week I spent a few days at the Positively Educating Healthy Kids Institute, a conference held at a local high school. Unlike the conference I attended last month (technology in education), I felt completely in my element! After all, what do I feel more passionate about than health and kids? (Oops…sorry, honey).

Anyway, one of the keynote speakers was a nutritionist. Due to my obsession of reading everything nutrition and wellness related, most of what he said was not new to me. He was preaching to the choir! He did, however bring up a few points that got me thinking. I really do like it when my beliefs are challenged, so I appreciated hearing his opinions. Forces me to synthesize (something I teach my students the importance of ALL THE TIME)! I will be blogging about those topics in the near future.

But then he completely wrecked the mood. He made a “not so complimentary” comment about tofu eating vegan marathoners, which made me feel like he was judging. I tend to be kind of sensitive that way. I used all the self control I had to not go up and introduce myself as a tofu eating vegan marathoner after his presentation. As a general rule, I tend to regret acting upon such impulses.

So instead, in his honor, I present the BEST TOFU RECIPE ever. I wonder if I could get his address and send him some? Hmm….

If you are looking for a basic recipe for tofu, this is for you too! Completely foolproof.

Start with a block of EXTRA FIRM, non GMO tofu.
Remove tofu from package.
Wrap in several paper towels.
Then wrap in a cloth dish towel. Look! I wrapped mine with Love!
Press with some heavy books. I placed a cutting board on top, then balanced a couple of books on top of the cutting board. I try to press the tofu for at least an hour, but have gotten away with shorter times. I also check the wrappings. If they are soaked, I will rewrap with dry ones.
Get out seasoning of choice! I typically use a flavored olive oil and sea salt.
Cut tofu into cubes. I made 32 cubes bite size pieces from my block.
I love the texture! It looks a lot like fresh mozzerella!
A cube closeup!
Next, place cubes in baking dish. Drizzle with oil and salt.
Bake at 425 degrees for about 30-40 minutes, or until both sides are golden brown. Flip cubes halfway through baking time.
Use however desired. Here I paired them with roasted veggies from my CSA and Gena Hamshaw,s Anti-Inflammatory Turmeric Tahini dressing from Choosingraw.com

My husband loves to drown his tofu in a Buffalo or BBQ sauce, but these can be dressed up however you would prefer!

Tofu. It’s not just for vegan marathoners. Take that Mr. Nutritionist.





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