Yoga Day #2

Day #2 is in the books! After my first yoga class, I left thinking that things could only get better. And they did. For example, upon my return for class #2:

  1. I knew exactly where the Mind Body Spirit room was located, so I didn’t  waste time waiting outside the room where I thought the class was going to happen, but didn’t. (This allowed #2 to happen, so read on.)
  2. I arrived early enough to find a spot at the back of the room. Last week I sacrificed my 19 year old daughter to the front row, while I squished into the second row.
  3. I wore sandals. Big time saver here.
  4. I didn’t bring my mat along; and this, believe it or not, was a good thing. (Turns out the mat I purchased was a “pilates” mat, regardless of what the description on the packaging said.)
  5. I got to talk to the instructor a bit before class started (giving up my rookie status).
  6. I was somewhat aware of the routine once I walked into the room.  Not as much awkwardness this time.
  7. A few of the positions were familiar. (Notice I said familiar…definitely not comfortable or natural…yet).
  8. I was aware of how the class would progress. (In other words, I knew if I made it through all of the stand up positions, eventually I would be able to sit on the mat. And if I made it through those positions, the last 5 minutes of class would make the previous 55 minutes totally worth it!)
  9. I knew where the mat cleaner and towels were. And I knew where the towels were to be deposited after use.
  10. I mostly did not even notice the familiar music emanating from the Spinning Studio next door. (Last week, I could have sworn it was calling my name.)

Next week I hope to learn how to breathe. (Of course I know how to breathe, what I mean is, I hope to become aware of my breath.) I understand that’s kind of important in the yoga world. 😉

inhale, exhale, breathe

complete body awareness

find my inner peace

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