Finding My Focus

FOCUS! Being a teacher, I’m sure you can  imagine the number of times I authoritatively speak this word throughout the course of my day. You know…”[Insert name of student here], focus!” Seems to be my mantra on occasion.

But now, the tables are turned.  And it’s not as much fun. I must focus. After years (yes, years) of studying and analyzing the blogs of others, some of which were rich with advice for the newbie blogger, I found  a common thread in successful blogs. Find an identity  and remain true to it.

And what does that mean for me? I need to find a focus, an identity for my blog!!! That in itself is somewhat overwhelming and has caused severe procrastination issues. The problem is not the writing: I love to write. (Actually I love to revise and edit what I write…the drafting stage I struggle with from time to time.) The problem is what do I write about?

I find it rather ironic that  what I preach during the daytime, (find your focus) is what I am struggling with now. Perhaps that’s why it’s so important for a writing teacher to write! What better way to empathize with my students, right? (No pun intended.) Looks like I need to be following the advice I continually give out when I conference with one of my budding writers.

And just what is that advice, you ask? Write about something you care about. If you are passionate about your topic, you will persevere when the process becomes challenging.

My passion? Health! Too broad of a topic? I guess I will find out! If nothing else, it made for a great title for my blog.


One thought on “Finding My Focus

  1. Karen,
    Good for you! Combining your passion for health and desire to write sounds like you’re well on your way to finding that “focus”. I’ll look forward to reading more…


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